Hurt Me Plenty [STARTUP] - 2-1 @ March ATX GNK

pachamanca 150

Hurt Me Plenty

2-1 @ ATX March GNK - 2nd Overall

Ultimately, this deck looks to take 5-7 core per game, while running buck wild all over the corp. Why play Esâ if you're not going to maximize xir ability?!?!

...cuz you die sometimes, that's why :(

Overall, this deck is more resilient than you'd think - you put the pressure on early, and your economy (generally) keeps up. Plus your hand size grows to 10 in almost every game, allowing you to keep pressure on the corp without needing to run every turn.

Tech Cards:

Another super fun event in the books - love the ATX meta and looking forward to the next tournament!

20 Mar 2023 branimated

I like that we both piloted aggressive Esâ lists on the day to very similar outcomes, but our shells are pretty different! I really like the Jailbreaks and Zenit Chips you sprung for.

21 Mar 2023 pachamanca

I'm seriously considering importing Inside Job into Esa thanks to you!

24 Jul 2023 James Harrison

Your Dolls comment links the wrong card. Looks really fun though!