Always Have Rigging Up (Top 6 ICC)

aunthemod 864

A small variation on ControLat. I feel like Magnet stock is so high and is only going to grow, which made Ika and other Trojans a liability.

In my (limited) testing I found that I was winning every game that I was able to play Rigging Up on Endurance, the extra charge counter and money for trashing assets/upgrades always puts you in a far more dominating position. I also found that Rigging Up allows you more control of your Lat trigger, allowing you to draw a bit deeper, Rig a Rezeki or whatever and still trigger Lat. Lastly, by switching to Na'Not'K, the deck has another full value target for Rigging.

I cut the Paricia thinking that there would only be 1 Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel. in the 12-Entrant Field, but even if that were the case this was in retrospect not correct. The cut is 100% Beth Kilrain-Chang. It's your weakest economy card and literally dead weight against Bladderwort and conventional Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home

I truly hope and pray every day that Kakugo will be un-banned and that Anansi will see top tables again. Were that ever to becomes the case, Carmen may become an interesting option for this list.

This list lost to Ob twice at INTERCONTINENTALS and beat Moon Pool Sports. I got 5th/6th depending on which tiebreaker you think is more valid (no word from OP team on this yet).

For my corp I played ChaosJuggler's Australian-Nationals-Winning NBD list, which was only 2 cards different from my Continentals list, but a massive upgrade. That deck is so dope.

-Steel City Grid-

11 Sep 2022 jamesmarcus

Congrats on the finish!