the answer is 42

Diogene 3941

Fast deck, meme deck, fun deck. Go as fast as PD, don't panic, enjoy the game.

the answer

I tried to make a deck using all those agendas that can be fast advanced in Weyland. At 40 cards, it kept failing. At 44, it was not fast enough. The answer, of course, should have been obvious : 42!!

Mulligan plan : At least one ice in hand.

Game plan : score from hand with reckless abandon. This deck can win in 7 turns.

Why Oaktown Renovation instead of New Construction? Because I do not use Reconstruction Contract. So, Oaktown Renovation allow me to gain credit, letting me stay rich enough for the rest.

Aumakua and Conduit are the main threat to this deck, hence 2 Cyberdex Virus Suite.

Malapert Data Vault really shine here and allow me to get the combo cards faster (usually Audacity or Biotic Labor), which is giving me tempo and lowering the variance.

Here are some cards that were tested and rejected : Trick of Light : too much variance. If I had draw a Wall to Wall early, it is good, otherwise, it robs me of click by forcing be to advance ices. It pairs better if you use Dedication Ceremony, because you can use it to put a lot of advance with one click.

Sprint : Because Audacity trash card, the recovery ability of Spin Doctor is better.

Global Food Initiative : while it let me lower the agenda count to 9, it cannot be scored.

Reconstruction Contract with Dedication Ceremony : Great combo that naturally pairs well with the agenda suite, but I needed the slots for more ices and I just need to score 4 agendas. With Hostile Takeover, you need a fast advance tool for 3 agendas and there are 6 of them.

Trying different iterations for this deck was fun. Once in a blue moon, you can kill a runner by scoring Azef Protocol. Because of Weyland Consortium: Built to Last ability, this feels a lot like playing Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home. This deck is not build to last haha!


12 Apr 2022 sebastiank

Is there a chance that mausolus should be hortum, so you can end the run without advancing it?

13 Apr 2022 Diogene

@sebastiank I use Mausolus because it is the most taxing ice (especially for the cost) in the Weyland pool. This help me slow down the runner. Since the deck is designed to go pretty fast, I usually do not advance ices. But there are circonstances in which I do advance them and it is when Aumakua is there. Then I would advance Ice Wall to counter Aumakua for a bit.

Since Aumakua is the big enemy, Hortum would actually be good against it. But Mausolus always taxes the runner, since it has 3 subs. So it is a matter of preference. If you go for Hortum, you could also get Akhet instead of Ice Wall.

One thing to consider, there is 10 agendas in 42 cards. Which means that you will find agendas nearly as quickly as the runner will find them. Stalling the runner is more important than stopping the run, in my opinion.

Tell how your tests went with Hortum. It is a decent idea that is worth testing.

Thanks for sharing!

13 Apr 2022 sebastiank

I just have been playing your original version, without making any alterations, and it is verryy good. I am 7-1 with it so far. Formicary is sweet. I commented before playing it: haven't wished that Mausolus was Hortum yet. Nice deck!!

13 Apr 2022 Diogene

@sebastiank I'm glad! It is a fun deck, thanks for sharing!