Haley's replicating workshop of replicating perfection!

JJPearson 3

Sometimes you play to win, other times you just want to install a shitload of hardware. This deck is a serious attempt to finally make a decent replicator deck*.

This deck is all about leveraging Haley’s ability to install lots of cheap hardware. Replicator to go find all the copies you need and personal workshop to install them on the corp’s turn as well. Tyson Observatory can fetch the first hardware copy (and your astrolabe) to give the deck some consistency.

Breaker suite: The idea of using the cyberfeeders to put power counters on study guide is pure delicious jank. The cloak and silencer credits keep dagger nice and cheap.

Economy: Magnum backed up with personal workshop, daily casts and modded for the expensive icebreakers and magnum.

Standard R&D lock for the victory, but your real win condition is having 10+ hardware on the table and a strength 7 study guide.

*Decent being maybe tier 1.5, but let’s not get our hopes up.

7 May 2015 Ber

'your real win condition is having 10+ hardware on the table and a strength 7 study guide' ahh a true Shaper I see.

7 May 2015 Goldstep

I've been tinkering with something similar but not made it this far... So a Crazystupid Question and a Stupid-crazy Question... what do you do about Mythics and traps (ie Excalibur and Howler) or do they now show up for you much? Why no lockpick?

7 May 2015 JJPearson

Literally never seen a howler (except when I'm playing it) and Excalibur is only in RP in my meta.

I thought about the lock picks but the cyber feeders are more multipurpose and once study guide gets it's strength up, it doesn't need dedicated credits.

Also, you always want more cards than you have space.

7 May 2015 JJPearson

@Ber Each Faction has their own "win" condition. With criminal it's usually bankrupt the corp and have 30+ credits yourself.

Anarch it is to clear the corps board after turn 10. :D

Winning is only secondary.

8 May 2015 Ber

@JJPearson haha I like it!