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mcbeast 1012

It may not be a World Championship winner deck, but it's fun! Just play smart, know when to face-check (as often as possible, duh!) and don't be to obvious with your plan: TRASH EVERYTHING AND RETRIEVE THOSE EXPENSIVE PROGRAMS TO SMASH THROUGH EVERYTHING.

The first thing you want to do is drawing cards - fast - and trash at least one Morning Star and a Yog.0. If you get Paige Piper early, use her and her ability as often as you can (you can do good without her, but she REALLY makes things go FAST). Install Kati Jones as soon as you can and load her up as often as possible; all that money will make you a freaking monster. Wyldside is your card-drawing-steam-machine and Adjusted Chronotype is there to make you do stuff on your turn. Did I mention to Account Siphon as much as possible?

Don't be afraid to face-check those ICE in the start: make your runs taxing for the Corp - just don't be an idiot and lose ALL copies of a card!

Most often the Corp doesn't ICE up the Archives, and after a Retrieval Run they'll be like "HOLY SHIT BETTER ICE UP ARCHIVES IN CASE THAT SORCERER WANNA RETRIEVAL RUN ANOTHER MORNING STAR!" If possible, do the same thing with Yog.0 (but it's not that expensive in the long run).

The Personal Touch is for your Yog.0 (just swoosh through that sneaky Lotus Field and give Merlin the finger), and Ice Carver is for everything else.

You want at least ONE Same Old Thing installed at all time, in case you need to Levy AR Lab Access in an emergency (which is like never), or when you're out of cards to start over. RP just loves that shit.

With Box-E you also get a cushion against net damage (9 cards at the start every turn), but it is a pain to get through Komainu's.

I'm still tinkering with using -1 Datasucker and instead putting in a Nerve Agent, but it IS kind of lame if you lose your only Datasucker.