Gauche (4-1, 1st @ Irish Nats)

anarchomushroom 437

Firstly a massive thanks to everyone that came out to the first Irish Nats in 6 years. It was a great time and it was awesome playing against you all.

I wasn't meant to be playing this tournament but a last minute drop out meant I had to play to make up numbers. After some discussion with cablecarnage I decided I'd bring Freedom and R+. As per usual before an important tournament, a good player told me what to play so I did. This was the list I ended up playing and across the swiss and cut it went 5-1, beating tag me Zahya twice, ABR Adam, and Hoshiko in the finals, losing to the same Hoshiko in round 1.

It's the same old R+ everyone has hated for months, but with the excellent advice of playing the second La Costa.

I'm pissed so I'm gonna go back to drinking Guinness, thanks everyone for playing, thanks to those that travelled, it was a great day and I'm glad everyone had a good time, thanks to cablecarnage and groenkaaf for the lists. I'm glad to have finally won a Netrunner tournament.

I don't have a gif fucking sue me

29 Oct 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Winning your own nationals - you are the true ‘heel’ of netrunner

29 Oct 2022 anarchomushroom

@Baa Ram WuIts all about the game and how you play it

29 Oct 2022 Baa Ram Wu

All about control, and if you can take it!

30 Oct 2022 easterncalculus

Congrats on the win, you definitely earned it. I really enjoyed our games, although I never want to see an IP Block again!

30 Oct 2022 anarchomushroom

@easterncalculuscheers mate! The sports game was really great, very tight right to the end!