Exile Pawnshop (Scottish Regionals 2nd place)

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This is the Exile deck that I took to 2nd in the Scottish Regionals, It was undefeated in 6 rounds of swiss and went into the cut as top seed. Went 2-1 in top 8, losing the grand grand final to Laurie's RP.

The deck is basically the Exile Dumpster Gamble deck with some changes, please go and look at that deck as it is a thing of beauty. I've made some changes to fit my style a bit but that deck is the Grandaddy - props to @pandapersona.

Major changes from that deck were +3 sure gamble, +2 R&D Interface, dropping a few of the cheap edge-case programs like cloak, net shield and also dropping medium & nerve agent. If I were to make any changes in retrospect, I'd possibly drop crescentus for utopia shard but I'd be very sad to do so. Crescentus & D4v1d is such a boss combo against Blue Sun specifically. And if everyone (myself included) would stop playing fast advance, I'd swap the clot back to nerve agent as this deck has zero HQ pressure right now.

I'll do a short write up, but we played for 13 hours in the end and I could barely remember my own name by the end of it, so apologies if I get anything wrong!

Round 1: Store Champ bye, sitting with my good friends Seamus & Even and chatting with Tom who had come up from Newcastle - top guys.

Round 2: vs Jonny's Butchershop NEH. Jonny is another guy from the local scene, great player and all-round lovely dude. He makes money and digs to try and midseasons/scorch/traffic me, I steal an early astro and clone chip in 2 caches to draw up to six on his turn and make 8 bucks. After that we raced money but Exile just keeps finding money in bins and there was no way he was going to kill me and 2 R&D Interfaces give me the points eventually.

Round 3 vs Nic's Titan. Can't remember much apart from him telling me he was one credit away from his own midseasons/scorch/traffic combo. Again I think I pulled away in money and hammered R&D for the win.

Round 4 vs Peter's Waldemar HB variant. Peter is another one of my close mates from the local scene in Edinburgh, also an awesome player and good friend. He's taken down Exile at one of our lunchrunner sessions so I'm fearful of this matchup, plus I hate playing mates when 2 losses for either person could screw them out of the cut. Anyway, all I remember from this game is that I hate assets & upgrades with a burning passion. Every goddamn face down card is either Eve or Ash or Red Herrings and I want to strangle Peter until he expires. But I don't, and steal 4 points from somewhere then install R&D Interface and top deck 2 NAPDs for the win.

Round 5 vs Ilias's Turtlebacks Butchershop. This was a weird one, we raced money again, but for once Exile couldn't keep up with the asset spam for 3 creds a turn. Luckily I'd stolen a turn one astro, and time was close to being called. Sadly Ilias was racing faster than he should have been and on the final turn put down 3 new assets, I think just losing concentration, and i proceeded to run those 3 & another for 6 points and the win.

Round 6 vs Seamus's Blue Sun. Ah Seamus. The man with the nicest hair in the world, it's like a cresting wave of pure sunlight. Also the best-dressed man in any room, if you go to Nationals you'll spot him. Anyway, he's another of my closest friends and another superb player - we've played each other a zillion times and both know each others decks inside out pretty much. By round 6 there's real weariness setting in and some misplays are creeping in on both sides. As is standard, Exile made sick money so I didn't have to worry about getting killed and just ran like crazy and found 7 points in various places.

Top 8 vs Even's HB Glacier. And so to Even, yet another close friend and possibly my most frequent practice partner due to us both having free time in the afternoon. Plus he has gluten free beer in his fridge so I never want to leave. Obviously, Even is also an awesome player, who likes to surprise people with cards you don't always see (he was playing Professor), plus at least 3 tollbooths in every deck. From what I remember about this game (apart from him power shutdowning my scheherazade), he makes early money on a melange behind a lotus field while i dig for money & tools. He is forced to spend it all on nasty ice to try and keep my out of his remote but I sneak in for 3 points, then another 3 off R&D over the next few turns. He stabilises and things are looking tough for me, but unfortunately time is called and I have more points so advance.

Loser's bracket final vs Nic's Titan (again). Grudge match. He tries to sneak out an early atlas behind a hive but thankfully I have lady in hand and go grab it. He pushes another one thinking I'm out of counters but I sell the lady & buy an Atman at strength 3 to get to 4 points. He scores the final atlas & a firmware and gets Yale online so I money up, knowing there's both midseasons & SEA source in the deck + atlas counter. He locks down R&D with 4 taxing ice and with no RDI I switch to HQ, eventually stealing the cursed high risk investment just as time is called. Phew! On to the finals.

Grand Final game 2 vs Lawrie's RP. Exile just falls down in this game sadly, just couldn't find my economy early enough and by that stage things were locked down on the other side of the table. And if that wasn't bad enough, he executive boot camps for blacklist and installs it behind a lotus field, with CyCy on R&D and Zu, Atman & Femme in the trash. Game over. I hit R&D for a few cards & steal an NAPD but it's a consolation prize and Laurie takes it home. So well piloted, props to Laurie for playing a fantastic tournament.

I'll publish my Corp deck and a write up of the day on that one too.

Thanks to Stu for running a great tournament and powering through despite some serious bye-related software malfunctions. And thanks to everyone else who came along, especially the out-of-towners - not that easy to get back places on a sunday night so kudos.

Major shoutout to the boys from Quality Time™, you know who you are.

18 May 2015 tavocado

QUALITY TIME!!! Congrats again dude! This deck is confuses/blows my mind!

19 May 2015 unitled

Hello, my name is the Arsehole Who Keeps Installing Upgrades. I really enjoyed our game, I think I have a strong memory of you staring at me for a long minute and saying 'You and your assets, Peter' After I installed a facedown card in a server for about the fourth turn in the row.

Anyone who thinks exile can't hold their own hasn't played against this deck. It's got a style all its own, and you play it perfectly. I'm lucky to have picked up a handful of wins against it outside tournaments, but you thoroughly deserved your victory here!

19 May 2015 Dydra

Congratz :) No1 was running Blacklist I presume :)

19 May 2015 zaknafean

Gratz on the near win, stupid black list!

So trying to wrap my head around best plays with this deck, so take this hypothetical situation... Your opening hand consists of sure gamble, aesops, and 3 self mods. What do you do in that situation, what is it you search for if anything? Would you mulligan that?

19 May 2015 Angedelo

@zaknafean cheers, stupid blacklist too true! I would keep that hand in a heartbeat, probably draw to see if I find Scheherazade, Sahasrara or Cache. Then play the Sure Gamble, Self-modifying Code and immediately fire it for Scheherazade, that is the card that makes this deck work. Once that card is on the table, every program is one credit cheaper to install, so you've basically turned Exile into Kate!

Draw for Sahasrara, Scavenge, Clone Chip & Cache to really get the money train rolling - honestly, scavenging Cache on and off for 4 credits & a draw is the best play, selling it to Aesop's Pawnshop for 3 more is just ridiculous. Also the ability to clone in Cache at the end of the corp's turn for draw & money, then sell to Aesop is so powerful - PPvP Kate can burst from zero credits to nine in 2 clicks, Exile can go from zero to seven in 0 clicks, whilst drawing a card!

19 May 2015 pandapersona

It's great to see the Exile Gambles deck doing well! Bummer about the Blacklist lockout. I've encountered that a couple times myself, it is super lame.

I've continued to experiment with the deck and I like the modifications that you've made.

A possible thing to try is swapping the Parasite and Crescentus for Imp. I've found it to be pretty stellar HQ pressure, aids against the asset heavy decks, and is very good tool for decks that attempt to run Midseason Replacements as you can opt to trash the agenda instead of stealing it.

19 May 2015 Angedelo

@pandapersona I was playing Imp for a long time in this deck, but when Clot came out i had to find space for it, and that's the cut that I had to make. I could have dropped the Parasite but it's so good against Next & Grail. I was very sad to cut it, it may well find a way back in - never used Parasite once in the tournament!

Good call on the midseasons - there's a lot of that floating around here. Anyway, thanks again for making this deck in the first place, it has given me such good times.

20 May 2015 tuism

Looks more like a Professor deck, which is bloody fantastic :) Must take bloody metric tons of skill to pilot. Incredible stuff :)

21 May 2015 Angedelo

@tuism Thanks! But really it's just practice, and even then it's basically just installing things and selling them! Once you realise that Scavenge is an economy card, the whole thing becomes easier....

22 May 2015 Heartthrob

Having piloted very very similar decks all through SC season and at regional, I'm so happy yours did so well. I've contemplated the RDI inclusion so much, but never could bring myself to include it! Guess I should've tried it after all! Big congrats on the finish and the deck mods. Now, how to deal with Blacklist...?

22 May 2015 Angedelo

@Heartthrob Cheers, glad to hear from another Exiler! Re Blacklist it's tough, kind of calls the whole archetype into question. The changes I've made so far involve bringing in Gordian Blade & Corroder to be able to get into any blacklist server - I think Cyber-Cypher is pretty much finished at the moment.

I don't know, once you start bringing in those sorts of breakers, the whole deck strategy starts to get lost and the econ engine will suffer. I'm really happy about how well the deck did, but also bummed at how much blacklist invalidated it. If you have any suggestions I'm all ears.

22 May 2015 Heartthrob

Honestly I feel like this style of Exile has suffered from some serious runoff hate. Chronos Project, Snatch & Grab and Blacklist were likely cards printed to counter other strong archetypes...but just so happen to counter Exile's strategy pretty hard. Blacklist has turned me completely away from Exile for the time being.

Once you start to make those changes to counter Blacklist the deck will be better in Kate, Chaos or even Hayley. Sad to say, but I think it's time to exile him for now.