Battyshop - 7th at Nisei Worlds, 6th at CoL

RotomAppliance 2581

This is very similar to the Blue Sun list I took to Derby. It was less solid here, scoring 4-3 in the Worlds main event and 4-1 in CoL. It beat Apex (despite a Chiyashi being preyed), two 419s and Hayley. It lost to Maxx and two different Apoc Vals.

I put in a Tithonium for one of the Sappers, and put in a Crisium in anticipation of seeing some Apocalypse. In hindsight, I think Crisium is important enough to warrant 2 copies. There's nothing I'd happily cut for it, but I'd probably be looking at 1 of the IPOs or the Preemptive. There's not much else for me to add about this deck, but if Apocalypse starts appearing everywhere in response to the winning ASA deck, switching to Aginfusion may be better than trying to tech this list even more for Apocalypse. In practice I think the Blue Sun v Apoc Anarch matchup is pretty level, with plenty of game for both sides.

Thanks to Nisei for a well run tournament!

8 Oct 2019 qvm


So I played Ag at worlds, and had to slot 2 crisiums myself. In testing, nisei and boop were not enough to survive an amped-up turn. A bonus that ag has, is crisium behind excal is nice against eater. On the other hand, building blocks is good against ddos. If it wasn't so much inf, I'd try it in ag.

12 Oct 2019 themeanlady

Would you add a DRM to this list somehow?