46 Cards is True Anarchy - 5th at Euros

MrEhjiwurth 1646

Welcome! Welcome! Please step into my humble abode. Have a seat at one of my three different versions of the same sofa. Witness the overwhelming of virus counters I use as potpourri. If you ever want free access to the Mumbad Virtual Tour I'm your man. How many cards do I have in my deck? 46 but I mean- Hey wait don't leave I'm cool I swear! ...Dammit...lost another one.

"Mr B is the king of spice" - Laurie Poulter

"Your the kind of person who'd Retrieval Run a SMC" - David Saiya

"Oh crap I'm the only Khumalo player in top 16?" - Myself

I've committed a dark deed this weekend at Euros. I've become something that I have always kept away from, dissociated with and denounced like Egypt always does to me in Civ 6 like seriously what is up with that? I've....played Anarch. But even worse I enjoyed it! Ugggghhh I hope the Shaper Society will forgive my sins but I couldn't help myself! Khumalo just is too irresistible with his um...stick?

So for background I've been kinda out of the loop with Netrunner the past few months. University work and other commitments meant I couldn't delve into my den of madness as much as I used to so coming into Euros I didn't really have many jank deck ideas in mind. I spent a week or so before looking at Beyokens amazing videos exploring Freedom and I really enjoyed the space and creativity this ID offers. Freedom Khumalo is a nice and comfortable runner that's just a slight bit weird. A bit like a onesie and equally as snuggly.

Actually analysing the deck there isn't too much abnormal about it. We have your usual anarch playset with some twists and turns to the formula. Consume is by far becoming one of my favourite cards to mess with and experiment. It is such a good slot with Freedom with the economy boost or even just to trigger his effect and when your in a bind sometimes that is necessary. You'll notice I don't have a massive buffet tray of different viruses. I feel Datasucker, Virus Breeding Ground, Consume and Yusuf were more than sufficient to handle the job. Oh by the way can I just say HOLY MOLY YUSUF IS GOOOOOOD! I didn't how good this breaker is. Like if it's your only virus nommer then it becomes mega value for breaking barriers and also checking remotes. Because you get the counter for successful runs it can help you trash the important assets just a little more efficiently with Freedom's ability. I would honestly swap a Paperclip for another Yusuf it's that good. You'll see I also brought a little bit of Shaper with me in SMC. I love the card to death and it definitely helped me get an important piece of my Humble Freedom Pie ready to serve to my opponents.

Play's of the Championship

1# I Retrieval Run and grab SMC to get my barrier breaker in order to steal an agenda in a remote! #TotalValue

2# Used Yusuf to break a Endless EULA. #EvenMoreValue

3# Stimhacked into a Errand Boy so I didn't let the Titan player draw the card he needed to play Audacity. #MegaValue

Fail of the Championship

Ran into a Titan Trasnational HQ and Freedom trashed a Audacity. Ran RND and accessed a SECOND AUDACITY. Talk about rude.

That's about it for this deck. I enjoyed running it, strange to be so aggressive and risky with runs it was certainly a unique playstyle for me especially to play. I want to thank all those who supported me throughout the cut. Cheered me on and gave me the confidence to end up 5th which was a position I was no where near expecting from being not only my first Anarch competitive event but also having built the deck properly the day of the event. The judges were super awesome and hard working so big props to them. I know there was technical difficulties throughout the day but they worked their butts off to remedy it. Also Johno for his stellar coverage of the event as always, the commentators and my local Meta. The two Daves who have helped me grow and become a even better Runner I swear I would be nowhere without them. They make the Aldershot meta so great and strange. Like a Hawaiian Pizza.

Please feel free to give me feedback I appreciate all the critiques I can get so I can give the big bois and pros a run for their money.

4 Jun 2018 percomis

Jokes on you for #3, little did you know I had all the points in hand you needed to win so I couldn't play Audacity. HAH! :D

(Also, congrats for the 5th place!)

5 Jun 2018 Murse

This read up is SO fun to read. Thanks for that friend!

5 Jun 2018 clercqie

Nice work, congrats!

Why do you have 3 of each breaker? Don't you feel that's a bit overkill?

5 Jun 2018 MrEhjiwurth

@clercqieMy thinking was I was playing against a lot of rush decks so getting breakers as soon as possible was a priority for me. Also playing against Skorps I predicted removal and with no AI breaker I wanted to be sure I could get what I need. I think though in later tournaments I may switch down to 2 when I get more comfortable with the faction as this was my first championship with one.

17 Jun 2018 Zero Netrunner

I tweaked this with a few Making An Entrance's to great effect. With so many duplicates and discard-breakers, being able to trash a few cards that would have been blans saves a lot of actions that would have been duplicates.

It can also set up value Inject's, and SMC can shuffle away bad cards.