Boop, Boop, 5-2 Euros & African Continentals 2020

lostie 9

This is heavy based on Quarantine Booping and slightly tweaked to my liking, but most of the credit goes to @rusefus 🙇‍♂️ .

It was a great day of Netrunner, but missing the usual social and discussions between games and lunch breaks.

On the day it managed to beat Az, Hoshiko, Leela, Akiko and Lat (this last one on time). The two losses were against Ian and Adam. The game against Adam was hilarious with Corporate Defector being really, really annoying! :P

Thanks to all the opponents I've faced and to @NISEI to make it all happen 👏.

Runner deck

4 Aug 2020 Boot

Well done Lostie! The Divert Power is a hilarious card choice. I really hope you used it to get a Chiyashi rez off of 3x Mind Games.