🔥 "Rashida's a Bad Card" (🥇 @ Summer Showdown)

xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL) 999

🔥 Charlotte Ag 🔥

Bran Bran Bran

This is my evolution of the deck that Sokka brought to NANPC BC earlier this year (I believe built by The King). Not much to say about the original deck - just a pile of phenomenal Ag-glacier cards.

In playing it, I recognized one primary theme: for each turn I did not have Charlotte Caçador secured in the remote, my win % dropped. Additionally...

  • When I did have Charlotte in the remote, Rashida Jaheem was the prime Hansei Review fodder.
  • If I didn't get a strong start or not enough ice, there were A LOT of cards that clogged my hand while waiting for a secure remote.

🃏 Card Choices:

  • 3x Sprint... Similar to Santa's Big Deal Outfit deck, Rashida is still great, but has some notable downsides: she must be protected, she must wait around for a whole turn, and she makes centrals more porous. Considering we also have Charlotte, copies of Rashida that you draw after securing Charlotte are dead weight. Enter Sprint. Sprint gives you an immediate surge tool, yet still helps you manage HQ. Use it early to find Charlotte + La Costa Grid + ice. Use it anytime to search out more of what you need and less of what you don't. Or, hold onto it to avoid getting your hand burned by a pesky runner while holding a grip full of agendas.
  • 1x Conundrum... Don't think about this too hard. I needed influence and stole it from Tollbooth (and Spin Doctor). I believe the deck wants a big code gate, and yet, 1 ice that may never get rezzed (or even just booped by Ag) is a pretty easy flex slot. Plus, I was expecting to see a lot of Slap Vandal, Aumakua, and Audrey v2.
  • 1x Adrian Seis... I gained a free slot from dropping 1x Spin. In my games with Ag recently, I found needing to switch late-game focus of building my defenses over to centrals. Not only does Adrian do exactly that, but can also be tossed into the root of a server without needing to be advanced to do something. Also, it can be bluffed as a Mavirus. 🙂

The deck's losses on the day were to kikai's (finishing 2nd) Mining Accident Arisanna, arlekj's (finishing 3rd) K2CP Turbine Arisanna (on time), and MrStyx's (finishing 8th) K2CP Turbine Ashen Epilogue Hoshiko. On the day, I went 5-3 with Ag.

❤️ Huge shoutout to maninthemoon for phenomenally running the online Summer Showdown, YsengrinSC for saving the day when Aesop's Tables decided to take a nap, and aksu for streaming us for FOURTEEN hours. It was a fun day full of netrunner and great/wonderful opponents. Finally, and most of all kudos to my team for being awesome and pushing me - I wouldn't be here without y'all 🥲🥳!

🪦 RIP Tributary. You beautiful monster, you.

20 May 2024 Council

Rashida bad? Sprint good!?!?

More news at Seven

20 May 2024 Kikai

Congrats and WP!

Swapping Rashida for Sprint makes an alarming amount of sense to me. Do we need the inf for Magnet in 24.05 though?

I think Conundrum should be Boto.

20 May 2024 aksu

Reading the explanation for Sprints helps understand. But surely the 3rd spindoctor is worth more than the 3rd sprint? gratz on the result tho fam.

20 May 2024 Wentagon

For anyone who didn't witness the absolute masterclass in patience and AgInfusion play from FireRL live, check out this part of the stream. Taking a position that seems hopelessly lost and clawing back the win was a treat to watch.

20 May 2024 ThatsNoMun

Good thing this deck is dead after the banlist! Right?


20 May 2024 Radiant

My guy just keeps leveling up, congrats on the result!!

20 May 2024 HaverOfFun

Hell yeah! I am on board with rotating Rashida early! Congrats on the result!

21 May 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

🔥 thanks all!

21 May 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

@Kikai, I think Magnet is a good shout. Jinteki code gates for decks like this are 🥺.

21 May 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

@aksu, your mileage may vary. IMO, Jinteki classically has a lot of effects that incentivize you to slot 3x Spin (Boto, Void, Hansei, etc). This deck plays very few of them, and you don’t typically use it on agendas. Furthermore, I haven’t found needing to recur many tools. Sure, econ is great, but like, Charlotte. Bran brings back ice and you have a ton of it anyway. Defensive upgrades are the only thing I really want recursion for, and they need to be trashed/used first, so Spin has pretty low value IMO (still desired! I just don’t feel like 3x is needed alongside sprints)

21 May 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)


I actually completely forgot it was being streamed! Thanks for reminding me - getting to go back and watch it as a spectator was fun 🫣😎

21 May 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

@ThatsNoMun😏 more crim?! Me thinks “yay” lol

22 May 2024 maninthemoon

Congrats!!! ❤️‍🔥 @xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)