2x GNK 2nd Place - Didn't you realize this is a horror movie

shanodin 686

This is my version of the Haarpsichord Studios Butchershop list which has been killing runners across the meta. I've piloted it to success pretty consistently, hitting 2nd place in the last two GNKs I went to (this is a personal best :) ).

The main changes this list has over most of the other ones I've seen kicking around are the inclusion of Snatch and Grab and SEA Source, as well as a few other bits and bobs.

Primarily when testing the 'standard' version of this list, the problems I hit were Plascrete Carapace (especially if the runner had 2 or even in some paranoid cases, 3) and Film Critic.

In order to make the deck aggressive enough to deal with the countermeasures available to the runner, the changes I made can be summed up with "take out ICE, put in other stuff".

Dealing with Film Critic becomes almost a non-issue with 2 Snatch & Grab and 2 SEA Source. Ideally you use the S&G but SEA Source + trash is also an option. Snatch and Grab also provides a great answer to Aesop's Pawnshop or Professional Contacts - and can really ruin the runners' day if you take out the Street Peddler they were hiding their Plascrete/Clot on.

When facing down a super cautious runner who are just building up creds and playing out Plascretes, you need to use their caution and your ID ability against them, which is what the 2x SanSan City Grid are for. As soon as you can, play a SanSan behind some ICE (Tollbooth is the perfect candidate). Being able to fast advance with the SanSan is ideal but they might have the capability to Clot, though we are aiming to use the scoring windows they create by playing things like Plascrete or R&D Interface which represent a large credit investment. If you can't score from hand, play out two Agendas at a time, one on the SanSan and one just naked on the field. Some runners will pick up the unprotected one, some will make a beeline for the ICE'd one, but whichever they go for, you get to have the other.

This deck obviously loves the install-advance-advance and leave Breaking News to score next turn and use the tags for killing/whatever, because the threat of Midseason Replacements will be at the forefront of the runner's minds, or they will assume you're trying to score an NAPD Contract (which the list doesn't even run, but letting them think it does plays into our hands). However with a SanSan and a scored AstroScript Pilot Program you don't even necessarily need to do that, as you can install and score with 1 click and then use your kill cards of choice.

Having so much kill and so many ways to tag the runner means that Plascrete, while still a pain, can be worked around. Threaten them with enough kill so they have to use it up, and then watch their face sink when you Jackson Howard the kill back into R&D.

I like to drop 2x TGTBT and 2x Explode-a-palooza into archives ASAP. They might be wary of a single TGTBT and so run third click to then remove a tag, but a 10 cred swing and 2 tags will make them very sad.

The killing power of this deck, backed up with the threat of being able to fast advance is just such a rush to play with. The Haarp ID ability allows you to control the pace of the game, runners will live in fear of the kill, and will also feel compelled to trash your SanSans - every play you make advances your game plan and makes it just a little bit harder for the runner to win before you kill them.

19 Oct 2015 iceqs

decks like these make me want to hold on to my Noise. Trash all the freakin' agendas if you are afraid of getting killed in the next turn and use all your credits/leftover Imp counters on Team Sponsorship. Play for the win by milling all of the cards. Seriously this is even more antifun than the RP/Noise metagame. Expect to see NBN everywhere in the World Champ.

19 Oct 2015 shanodin

@iceqs it's certainly not meant to be un-fun. I have a great time playing as this deck and your own enjoyment is just as important as your opponent's. Trashing the agendas is all very well and good but a Hades Shard won't let you lift them all from the bin when you're ready to win because of the Haarps ID ability.

19 Oct 2015 sruman

Tollbooth seems to be too expensive as gear check ice. Your burst econ is solid but not overwhelming and it would seem that the cost of rezzing the tollbooth might be counter-productive. Have you found this sometimes or is tollbooth just really, really good everywhere.

19 Oct 2015 shanodin

@sruman rezzing Tollbooth is always a tough decision and you really need to consider the impact it will have on the game state before doing so. However, sometimes you just need to slow the runner down more than you need those 8 creds. In most games if I really need to rez the Tollbooth, I don't feel too poor to do so. Rezzing it will almost always keep your SanSan alive for at least a turn more than most other ICE just because of the cost. It's also ideal for making an R&D lock more taxing for the runner while you wait on the cards you need or whatever.

19 Oct 2015 ouroborosglyx

@iceqs: the answer is to quit whining and pack 3 Plascretes.

And yeah, as @shanodin mentioned, Noise is a pretty terrible answer.

19 Oct 2015 Phoenix

I would recommend testing -2 TGTBT, -3 Pop Up, +1 Raven, +2 Quandary, +2 Profiteering. Profiteering in Butcher Shop is astronomically good.

21 Oct 2015 ouroborosglyx

Have you considered Flare over Tollbooth?

25 Oct 2015 SlimTim

I took this to a local tournament and it was undefeated through 4 rounds with 3 kills and one scoring win. My runner was not so fortunate so I went 4-4 for the day. Great list!

25 Oct 2015 shanodin

@ouroborosglyx that is definitely worth considering, 1 cost more for potentially taking out a Plascrete Carapace sounds good.

@theboldone I'm really glad to hear the deck did you well :D did you have any thoughts on changes?

25 Oct 2015 shanodin

@Phoenix OK profiteering does look pretty awesome. I'm reluctant to swap out Pop-up Window for Quandary because the slow and incremental credit swing pop-up grants is not to be underestimated. I might try -1 pop-up, -1 Project Beale, +2 Profiteering and see how that works out - the only concern is that taking out a Beale limits my ability to score out, which is actually really important to be able to threaten,

26 Oct 2015 Phoenix

I've always found when playing butcher shop that when the runner realises what you are playing they stop running so the pop ups do nothing. Quandary, at least, is a gear check which forces out a breaker which costs more money.

The reason I suggested dropping the TGTBT for Profiteering is that runners these days don't run last click so the tag rarely sticks. Yes it's a 2 credit tax, but I would prefer either +15 credits or even a third breaking news to make the tags stick when you want them to.

30 Oct 2015 iceqs

@ouroborosglyx packs up 3 Plascrete. Ok that's a good answer. Apparently my I've Had Worse and a single Plascrete is still not enough.

Also, if you pay attention to my comment, you will see that the way I want to play Noise vs this deck is not accessing all the agendas in the bin using Hades Shard and get a million tags while giving the Corp a billion credits. The way I want to do is keeping up my econ and if their econ is low enough, score the agenda, if not, deny their scoring ability. Clot is also playing a big role and Imp is the most important card.

If you play enough Noise you will see that Corp running out of cards to draw is not an uncommon scenario.

By the way, Yellow Flash style has proved to be devastating to tag-me or reckless runners with their Plascretes. You can't stop a Psycho into any agendas with Clot after a Midseason landed.

The only answer I find reliable enough to these types of decks is Film Critic. That's it.

30 Oct 2015 shanodin

@iceqs Snatch and Grab deals nicely with film critic.