Apex goes to funerals

tiedyedvortex 4560

"Tell me, Apex, what do you do for fun? What activity gives you a different sense of enjoyment from the others? What do you find fulfilling? What gives you that... special satisfaction?"

..."I go to funerals."

This deck is my best attempt at making Windfall work. It doesn't, really, but I think that this is the optimal use of that card given the current card pool.

See, Windfall is not a card you can throw into every deck. It has to be the first card you put down, and then you build from there, with the following restrictions:

  1. You need redundancy. Losing a card at random from your deck means that you can't run 1x of anything essential you need for your rig.
  2. You can only play the bare minimum of events besides Windfall. Playing a Windfall and hitting another event is a solid kick to the nads.
  3. You need to be running as much expensive crap as you can cram into your deck.

This inevitably leads to a situation where your entire deck is filled with absurdly expensive cards, and no reliable economy. So in many games you will find yourself drawing card after card that you can in no way afford to play.

Which is why we put it in Apex. Apex likes having dead draws. Every turn, he can take an unplayable card and throw it down as fodder for Endless Hunger, Heartbeat, and Chop Bot 3000. And because Endless Hunger is free to install and use, he's okay if the first couple Windfalls come up empty.

Surprisingly, a lot of the most expensive cards mesh pretty well with Apex's general strategy.

Even so, this deck is not very good. It's massively inconsistent: every Windfall still has about a 25% chance of giving you nothing, while the average return is still only on par with Sure Gamble.

But damn, does it feel good to Windfall a Monolith.

6 Nov 2015 siahofmars

@tiedyedvortex this is hilarious! lol

6 Nov 2015 0stfralla

Rachel Beckman is not a virtual resource.

6 Nov 2015 pang4

@ostfralla: he's never going to install Rachel either, so it's no issue. Read Apex's ability again.

6 Nov 2015 0stfralla

@pang4 I know. I have playtested Apex quite a lot. Its just that i seen so many make that mistake and never seen anyone done it on purpose. well played. Guess i dismissed the deck too fast :)

6 Nov 2015 Mechanoise

What about Rolodex? A virtual resource that can control card arrangement for Windfall

6 Nov 2015 Mechanoise

Apologies, just noticed that Windfall forces a shuffle before the card ditch, my bad!