The Wünderfuck Combo

hilreeee 85

This is the ultimate combo-wombo deck but it is surprisingly effective. Essentially you spend the entire early game getting your pieces together which are: 2 Leprechauns to host your 3 Hyperdrivers on. As many False Echos as you will need to get rid of all the ice on R&D (Clone Chips will allow you to send up to 6 pieces of ice back to the corps hand! But I've never needed more than 3 false echos yet.) Then lastly you need to drop DDoS and Keyhole. I like to do this after I've popped the hyperdrives to keep the whole thing a surprise. Personal Workshop is there to help facilitate all the installs, but don't mulligan for it. The set up is fairly easy without it installed. Usually if my starting hand has a Leprechaun, I keep it.

Anyways, once you're set up, pop all three Hyperdrivers, trash your DDoS, and False Echoes and proceed to Keyhole away for thirteen clicks!

I've added all the silver bullets needed as well for any unforeseen circumstances: An Eater in case they score an accelerated beta test or something else that would allow them to have rezzed ice on R&D (also an Escher for the same issue if that is an easier route) A Hades Shard in case there's a Jackson on the board. and Employee Strikes in case you're playing against Haarpsichord.

I've tested it out at my local league and so far it's undefeated. It has enough draw power to have the combo set up by turn 5 or 6 usually. ...On a side note, you WILL feel like the biggest douche for making your opponent shuffle for 13 clicks worth of Keyholing....

17 Nov 2015 fetish

it's unclear - if the Corp pops their Jackson, can you also pop Hades Share in the same paid ability window and access cards first?

18 Nov 2015 hilreeee

It's tricky, if you give up your paid ability window by, for instance, moving on to your next click, then the Corp may pop their Jackson and shuffle cards back in and you would not be able to use your Hades Shard in response. However, if the Corp is unaware you have a Hades Shard, you can hard install it and pop it immediately where they are unable to pop Jackson in response.

18 Nov 2015 hilreeee


21 Feb 2016 NetrunningAmok

Have you been playing this post MWL at all? I would think that swapping Eater for Crypsis would be a pretty easy fix.

25 Mar 2016 hilreeee

@Gilgamesh_KoH I played this at a store championship and took out 1 Employee Strike, 1 Clone Chip, and the Hades Shard to make the influence work. It was almost undefeted! Only lost one match.