Your Source for Film Critique

E.J.Olmos 278

This deck started out when I was thinking about using the Source out of Valencia against never advancing HB decks. I found an interesting shell had already been posted online (of course) called Valencia's Film Source which I took as a starting point.

Won a 17 person GNK tournament with it yesterday. Only game I lost was to RP where I got to 5 points then just couldn't win a crucial Psi-game to keep the remote open.

I originally thought the deck would just be a bit of fun jank but it has been surprisingly effective at slowing things down for the corp.

Particular highlights have been largely shutting down kill decks with the film critics and NACH's. Definitely going to keep working at it and seeing where it goes. Some of the three-ofs can probably be reduced to allow extra econ. Certainly daily casts would justify the Career Fairs more as they aren't seeing a huge amount of use.

30 Nov 2015 AkAnderson

Hey, congrats on your win! I've still been messing with this deck, but found it wasn't consistently fast enough to match NEH. I'd love to hear your changes and ideas on it and I could share with you where I'm currently at. I think the deck is poised to be a good call once councilman comes out. Caprice is still an issue.

30 Nov 2015 iceqs

finally someone uses Film Critic + NACH. I've been preaching this combo since forever and yet people keep getting slaughtered by Haarp.

30 Nov 2015 E.J.Olmos

@AkAnderson Thanks for the comment! I decided to try Hacktivist Meeting over the Queen's Gambits to add a little something to the actively hampering the corp theme the deck has going on. They have proven very useful against ELP and also Targeted Marketing in Sol decks that we've had doing the rounds. Even the trash for them firing a Jackson can prove very handy.

I swapped the Box-Es for Grimoires as I wasn't finding the need to hold extra cards so important, even for Faust and the bonus token for your viruses is always very handy. The two free influence also let me bring in a third copy of The Source which I think is a key enough element against faster decks that the 3-of has been a good call. With the Fall Guys you can often keep that +1 to score going for most of the game and this is so useful as not only does it force fast advance decks into sub-optimal plays (had one opponent end up scoring a QPM off the table QPM with 3 advancements and an astro token just to burn a FG in the tournament). Additionally, it forces a lot of the Foodcoats style HB decks to have to advance their agendas when putting them down (or burn a Biotic on a never-advanced card which helps avoid wasting blackmail runs on assets. The 3 NACH were very much a meta-call based on the area I was travelling to being well known for putting scorch in everything and ended up doing serious work for me. Even the 24/7 News Cycle-BN combo is just a 4 credit tax that you need to be ready for and Punitive decks are not really threatening if you have Film Critics (hence my jump to 3-of).

As for the breaker suite, the only change there is swapping one Faust for a Yog to help deal with annoying code gates if I am parasiting other things.

Definitely keen to hear what changes you have been going for, I think the Career Fairs in this build being a 2-of makes them appear infrequently enough that I should probably shift them around for something else. Agreed on the upcoming councilman as well being a good anti-Caprice tech. Even if corps just start pre-rezzing upgrades it will be useful knowledge.

30 Nov 2015 AkAnderson

I agree with the Meetings, they are in my current build, in addition to the Gambits. I've actually been running one without the Pancakes combo, relying on Earthrise, I've Had Worse and Inject, and I find that while it takes away from Faust slightly, it lets you go a lot faster. I'm also off of the Box-E plan, finding Vigil to do just fine.

I kept the Career Fairs at 2, I think I see enough targets throughout the whole game that a click and 3 creds is worth the card slot, but I could see why you would want to remove them.

1 Dec 2015 E.J.Olmos

Are you still running the Tropes? I wonder if I didn't give them enough of a chance - haven't really had any games go long enough that i'd want to put things back in the deck but maybe it could be nice, even just for 3 blackmails.

3 Dec 2015 AkAnderson

Trope is the card that gets put in with every iteration then taken back out. I find the game is over before I ever need to bring anything back.