The man with the machine gun

Syntax 275


Notable synergies: - Subliminal - Allele => Data Mines & Neural. - Sherlock / Archangel with Lockdown & Targeted Marketing - Crick with Hokusai / Data Mines - Celeb / Sub into Sub into Allele into exchanging Archive Celeb with a HQ Sub.

Beware of the antisynergy of Edge with DataMine.

Have fun.

3 Dec 2015 tvaru

Hey, a cool deck! Additional props for the FF8 reference

3 Dec 2015 internet_potato

cool ideas. The interaction of Subliminal Messaging with Allele Repression is pretty neat, and it seems like this build will be able to make Targeted Marketing a more reliable source of income given the number of ways you have to peek at their grip and send stuff back to grip/stack.

Does Edge of World fire very often? I feel like I might rather have another Hokusai Grid, Shock!, or even a Shi.Kyū. Being able to fish traps out of archives at paid ability speed seems great in this id (since you get high impact out of cheap/free traps).

3 Dec 2015 internet_potato

Also- might consider 24/7 News Cycle as an option to recharge House of Knives or get a late game kill with Philotic Entanglement. Not sure where the influence would come from, probably a Targeted Marketing and a Sherlock 1.0 depending on how critical you find that combination to be to the deck.