kill fast or die trying (4th APAC)

Jai 374

Beat Steve (BOOM), Sable (BOOM), Lat in swiss (Spike, Sokka234's only loss of the event!)

Beat profwacko's Sable (Spike), lost to iceprisma's Lat, man solo'ed me outta the tournament pretty much

Runner was Boomerang Hoshiko

You can play this deck in Jnet casuals but you probably won't make many friends

Conversely you can play this in open decklist events but you probably won't win very much

Seamless Launch lets you IAA Reeducation to Spike them next turn, also lets you IAA Drago to BOOM them next turn, dumb card

Drago Ivanov also dumb card by the way, shame I wasn't playing more tag punish, but 40 cards gotta go fast ya know

Don't bother adding Backroom Machinations or whatever fake points card you're thinking about, scoring out happens never, if you can score 2 5/3s you could have just killed them straight up

If runner has breakers out and Paperclip in bin your only out is Jua and having your only barriers be on the remote. Similarly vs boat you have to try to make a triple Ping remote and bait them into running not first click, it's hard but what can you do

You can in theory kill T3, I've only ever done T4 kills 3x in all my testing, twice in this event. If it goes past T9 you're probably lost, I somehow won T14 vs Sable in swiss

Grats to Sokka on the well deserved win

Thanks for reading this far

Jai out

21 Aug 2022 Diogene

Nice deck! I see the alternative BOOM! package, this is a great inclusion.

Considering you are going for speed, why use NGO Front?

Thanks for sharing!