Outfits getting more agressive. Tampere Beginners GNK 3-0

aksu 285

This deck is mostly refining my older list from NFL async tournament. Cutting all the cards that did not help me either HHN+Boom! or to score out. I think I am mostly happy how this deck played out. There might still be bit of trimming but that can wait after Parhelion.

Gameplan of this deck is to get 1 scoring remote with scary ice up preferably with bullwark/trebuchet + border control (aggressively try to mulligan for too big to fail so you can afford rezzing those). Then just jam agendas there trying to balance keeping your bank afloat and centrals protected enough.

You hope to see yourself in game point with a atlas counter before runner gets their stuff online and starts making cheap runs with all the bad publicity.

I am so exited to get new Bad publicity toys. 2/6 agenda seems so busted when you can close out the game by itself!!!