Glacier decks might fear me one day: 0-2 at ECG H1 CO

cablooshe 146

lol, lmao.

Brought this to the ECG H1 CO. It was the tournament I wanted to just pull some even crazier jank out for. Tons of fun and very funny, but definitely lacking in quality overall.

Originally this was a 419 list that went even harder on econ denial. I figured that swapping back to Los would ensure that I actually had enough money to do anything. Not sure which would be better here.

Network Exchange is very funny, especially when grabbing it with Meeting of Minds. Getting Hermes bounces causes crazy losses for corps trying to double ice servers.

TBH I think v2 should be something like -1 The Twinning, -1 Solidarity Badge, -1 Shibboleth, +1 Unity, +1 WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ, +1 Simulchip. Charging twinning is a good wincon for multiaccess but you kind of need to use Meeting of Minds to grab the tools to charge it with, and the single copy itself, which sometimes really hits your econ. +1 Miss Bones could also help twinning instead, and just a single one is very bad against asset spam.

Big thanks to @FireRL for running the tournament!

30 Apr 2024 Santa

Network Exchange + Hermes is fun! Ice hungry corps beware!