Curupira 3[credit]

Program: Icebreaker - Fracter
Memory: 1 • Strength: 1
Influence: 3

Whenever you encounter a barrier, you may spend 3 hosted power counters to bypass it.

Whenever this program fully breaks a piece of ice, place 1 power counter on this program.

Interface → 1[credit]: Break 1 barrier subroutine.

1[credit]: +1 strength.

Take only what you need.
Illustrated by Júlio Roca
Decklists with this card

The Automata Initiative (tai)

#15 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2023-10-04

    Can the Runner use Laamb to make a piece of ice into a barrier, then bypass it with Curupira?

    No. Curupira’s ability can only become pending at the beginning of the encounter, in the same reaction window in which Laamb’s ability becomes pending, but it only does so if the encountered ice is a barrier. Since the ice does not become a barrier until Laamb’s ability resolves, it is too late for Curupira’s ability to meet its trigger condition.


Curupira (🐾😈) can bypass every three times it breaks.

Compare: Demara crossed with Mass-Driver?

For example, it can fully-break 1s1↳ barrier’s (like Ablative Barrier, Tatu-Bola, and Ping) for $0+$1 (thus can charge up for just $3), to bypass any ≥5s≥3↳ big boys (like Pharos and Brân 1.0) or “when encounters” mad lads (like Data Loop).

Design: I think the fully break condition has better gameplay against barriers (because most will End the run anyways) than against code gates or sentries (cf. Bukhgalter).

Flavor: In Tupi–Guarani folklore, the curupira has a fiery head, backwards feet, and preys on hunters who take more than they need.

(The Automata Initiative era)

They couldn't make this start with a power counter? It's like they don't want Rigging Up to save 3 credits and give a power counter to anything anymore(only Atman and Hyperbaric in Standard). I understand that cards printed before the charge mechanic(if it has a power counter, it can gain more) were introduced (in the Midnight Sun Set) and wouldn't start with power counters, but this came after.

As for being a fracter, it's fine? It's roughly Corroder equivalent after you include the bypasses. bypass is a thing for some card synergy. might help with a big barrier.

(The Automata Initiative era)