SSO Regional Paris France 1st place

-Ganelon- 54

explanations in french:

2 Sep 2019 moistloaf

stoked 2 see sso win a regional!

4 Sep 2019 DLopez

Traduced by google translate:

Almost the same deck used to win the GNK last May. Only small adjustments: I replaced bio vault by archiverd memory and fast track by a second red planet mail.

What about this deck? The diaries: The idea is to score a hostile and to get away with 6 points. After a lot of tests I decided to play Government Takehover rather than 2 additional Hollywood, first to decrease the density of agendas but especially because Govern allows improbable wins. Put it in the remote protected by 4 or 5 glasses. It is unlikely that the runner will go thinking he is dealing with rashida. Next round red mail. game over. The punitive option is not to be overlooked either :)

Otherwise, do not hesitate to leave a City Work with 5 counters a few rounds to spammer the counters. You have to find a psychopath runner to get him :)

The ICES: 22 ices provide good protection at the beginning of the game and make it toxic. In principle you need a muscular remote to score the first 5/3. 3+ ice creams and 2+ counters on City Work tend to work pretty well ... The 2 thimblerig are a treat in the deck because they allow to reorganize the "errors" of Jinja but also to move the windows of the remote to the RD as soon as we have 3-4 agenda points. The goal is to fast adv the second big agenda with Red Courrier, either patiently waiting for the scoring window, or with Biotic if the runner stays in his trench.

Cash: Be careful, this is the dangerous point of the deck. The use of commercialization must be considered. The deck sails very well between 8 and 12 credits. It allows you to rezz 2 ices plus all those free or almost. As 2 or 3 ice astral are rezz, the game is almost won because you can red mail without exposure. The other benefits are to avoid Beth giving 5 actions and surprising with marketing + punitive

Plan B: Punitive precisely. In principle, it's really the beginning game card. Tour 2 City work with 2 counters protected by an ice cream is not uncommon. Inside Job or SMS can give a big lead to the runner. This is where punitive makes sense. Mid Game, the runner is always armored with money, or walks with 5 cards. So unless he is at 0 Agenda Point and reflect to him govern, do not expect to kill him.

What to change? Frankly Embolus is average. It's really a late game card against a passive runner who is behind the clone chip + clot. But at 1 point of construction, it's not party time. One can consider removing Embolus and Biotic for Batty and Too Big To Fail history to accelerate ... Fast track can also come back but frankly, having no agenda at the beginning of the game is not necessarily bad news ...

At Regio, this deck made 2 kills in the first 3 rounds, a win against Leela Gang Sign no run and a defeat against turtle Gabe Kyuban who pounded me from start to finish. A late arrival of Hortum made me believe it but Amina reinforced the nightmare. Yet with Biotic + Red Courier in hand and 4 scorched agenda points, there was still a way. That's why Too Big to Fail seems playable ...

In the end a nice deck to play and quite different from standard corpos.