Archivist Tao ( Cat Flap Tao )

Bl4nk3t 616

This deck came 2nd in the Berlin Stars Noch Upper Startup Event and uses the Startup card pool.

The Idea is to use the strength of Shapers in general and Tao in particular. The former by maximizing the availability of a toolbox of programs at the shaper fingertip via Self-modifying Code. The latter by forcing the corp to choose: either allow easy HQ access via Sneakdoor Beta, or get the strongest Ice on the board (potentially) swapped and thus afford an archive security extravaganza.

The Simulchips add versatility - they will usually end up being a spare Self-modifying Code, but can also double to get back mulitples of Imp or threaten to pull Clot out and prevent the corp from fast advancing agendas. Also nice to get breakers back in case they fell to rigshooting or net damage, or to save on Code Gates with Euler.

Which brings us to the probably saddest part of this deck: The breaker suit is perhaps more on the average side. Corroder is the de-facto standard, Euler is serviceable, and Echelon at least workable - it is the best influence free alternative.

In the early game, this is a bit like a Stimshop light - contesting remotes with economy and SMC is definitely possible. The Midgame should consider the Sneakdoor Beta surprise - and ultimatively be used to set up good digs with Khusyuk ( aiming to use 2 Cost cards - of which there are 11 total). Remember - when the corp scores, the strongest / most annoying Ice should go in front of HQ and Archives. R&D and Remotes should get the easiest Ice to break - and even if you don't know what ICE is where - the opportunity should be taken to disrupt corp setup by swapping. The endgame can come with Khusyuk and / or Conduit - attacking a R&D weakened by Tao's ID ability.

Use The Artist only when you suspect the game to go long - e.g. you play against Jinteki and need your economy cards to stand by as net damage buffer.

18 May 2021 valerian32

Cool deck!

18 May 2021 GingercredMan

Came for The Archivist stayed for Sneakdoor Beta. This looks really fun.