A criminal that actually runs

JackMade 2647

I always loved run-based economy. Since the rotation cut out almost every run-based economy card ( Desperado, Temüjin Contract and Account Siphon ), i struggled building good runner decks because that style was not available anymore, which made me really sad. RNG Key might not be on Temüjin Contract level but it is still a really good econ card, if you can support it.

All these Criminal decks that build a board for the first 4-5 turns (including Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord ) make me really sad.

This deck is my first try to make it work in criminal. Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist seems like the perfect ID right now, especially against rush/FA Decks like Titan. With Aumakua and Inside Job you can capitalize against rush and Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist's ability punishes fast advanced agendas.

This is not refined yet but should work fine to start with. And by the way, i can't wait for the new Siphon to be released.

9 May 2018 badbones777

Thanks for posting this deck I really like it. I have no problem per se with non-running runner decks but I myself do prefer this sort of style in general. I think I will give this a whirl as a) I have always loved the idea of Leela but never made a deck for her and b.) I have recently retired my Laramy deck and I currently don't have any Crim decks constructed so this looks like a 2 birds with one stone deal!

9 May 2018 Xh4rx4d

Looks like a nice clean deck. Only recommendation would be On the Lam Can't wait for Diversion of Funds either :)

9 May 2018 Xihin

I'd personally love to see a Mongoose in here.

9 May 2018 JackMade

@badbones777Glad to hear that. :)

@Xh4rx4dOn the Lam is a silver bullet so it never makes the cut in my first versions, although it is powerful in the right matchup without a doubt.

@Xihin You could cut a Dean Lister for it, but in my experience, Aumakua almost always does the job better than Mongoose. Nonetheless it's a card to consider.

10 May 2018 branimated

I'd probably trim 1-2 SOT (only good target is E Strike, maybe IJ) and a Career Fair to make room for some Maxwell James for remote pressure.

10 May 2018 CaKnuckleguy

Problem with this (and I've been trying so long to make work) is the Corp can ice up centrals, then purge by turn 4 or 5. That time you were running and not building board state means you're now way behind. Turtle will need either some free remote to camp or you'll have to dig to get your other breakers and get lucky. So many times I've been shut out for the mid game, where the Corp just casually gets a lead that's impossible to come back against. I wish to heck this wasn't so, but there are enough good Corp players out there that'll undo this deck.

11 May 2018 Friff14

Played this last night and had a blast. Gotta try it against decks that will actually ice up and purge, though.

11 May 2018 JackMade

@CaKnuckleguy I played some games so far (to be fair, not much more than 3-4) and i never had that problem. Most of the time i didn't even install aumakua until turn 4 or 5, Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist#'s ability is often enough to keep the board relatively clear. And in the later stages you still have Inside Job, Dean Lister and the regular breakers to get into servers and load up Aumakua. I don't see a big problem there.

@cybersageDo you really need Maxwell James? It can be a good card for sure, but most of the time you don't have to play the remote game with Leela because of her ability. And i feel slots are tight already.

27 May 2018 Murse

I was getting so pumped about this list, then I counted up the number of crim cards in the deck and was sad to see that the coolest crm deck I had seen in a long while (this one), ran only 14 crim cards.

30 May 2018 JackMade

@MurseI feel you. But sadly someone at FFG decided that Criminals should not get the running economy that they had before. I still don't get why Desperado had to be removed. Sad times.

17 Jun 2018 Vortilion

Is there any possibility to have a little "how to play this deck" for beginners like me?