Coffee & Chameleons (4th at Spanish Nationals)

Juanaco 121

(Based on Bird Up by j4)

The deck that made Spielberg cry

This one gives me mixed feelings, it granted me some vital wins at the Nationals in order to escalate to the top 8, but also mades me struggle against some opponents due to being constantly short of credits.

I really love the combination of Chameleon + Paule’s Café, also with the Boomerangs, it allows you to use the Chameleons and Boomerangs exactly when you need it. This combo makes this runner menacing at early game. The best way to begin is mulli-hard to fin Kati Jones or some Hostage, you will need it for boosting your economy, but it is possible to make some runs with few credits thanks to Flame-Out (really nice in combination with the Chameleons).

Chameleon is not a thing to joke about, with Talut it is a really strong Icebreaker, in combination with Takobi it is a beast.

So basically that’s it, your objective is to pressure the Corp with early Chameleon and Boomer runs, build your rig until you can make runs to R&D with Kushyuk. I expected to encounter a lot of spam assets Corps, so I put 2x scrubber but finally it was a really bad idea, I would have cut the scrubbers for some econ-engine (daily cast or peace in our time)

The pelangis provide some support for the Chameleons, and also the Gordian Blade (frees the chameleons to focus in barriers and sentries)

I had some bad times with this Lat, but also some really fun games, and my opponents were usually curious and amazed about this deck.

So that’s it, now I’m looking for some improvements because I really love this runner.

6 Feb 2020 Rahrhino

Looks cool! Have you though about trying to squeeze a DreamNet or two in there? Seems like it would be nice in this deck :)

6 Feb 2020 j4

Wow, congrats and thanks for the shout-out!

Dropping the birds and stuffing in the third Boomerang and Takobi seem like the right call for sure, this largely mirrors my own experience with the deck and is similar to my latest iteration.

How did the Gordian Blade work out for you? Commonly played code gates tend to be some of the more great feeling stuff to break with a Chameleon (exhibits A, B and C), and I'd rather supplement the suite with a killer or fracter. If not playing a bird breaker, I'd suggest Ika, Corroder, somehow find the inf to import Bukhgalter, or even play around with a Shrike if you're seeing Tour Guides, then you could also try out some 1 consoles instead of the Supercorridor.

6 Feb 2020 Skandrino

I would scrap two Flame-outs for two Daily Casts. Also Supercorridor (I tried to like it) isn't good unfortunately. A Turntable instead might work especially as you don't absolutely need 6 MU with few breakers? It works well with Khusyuk since it's a 2-cost and you can sometimes pick a small agenda to swap for a big one.

6 Feb 2020 j4

@Skandrino Flame-out is the single most valuable card in this deck, and what makes it work at all.

6 Feb 2020 valerian32

Jeje, qué bien verte este mazo. (y verte sufrir contra jinteki)

7 Feb 2020 grombatmole

Awesome deck! I've been running something similar (initially flame-out+chameleon wu, and then chameleon+london library Hayley). I like the interaction between chameleon and Lat's ability, it helps you get close to the click compression of Hayley when you're installing 1-2 chameleons on any run turn

9 Feb 2020 OnNetOperator

Suggestion: take Takobi out and put a Tri-maf Contact in. Slightly better econ, less memory bloat, Khusyuk won't notice.

Very cool list.

10 Feb 2020 vesper

As one of the top cut opponents playing against this deck, I concur - it was a pleasure to play against it. Quite a shapey Shaper doing shapely things. Well played and well deserved DotW!