Piping Hot Latte

j4 11

I've been iterating on this deck for a while. It's been doing decently well on Jinteki and my local league/GNK in Warsaw.

Key points:

  • Flame-out is amazing econ. Chameleon, Self-modifying Code, and Saker all dodge the drawback. In a pinch, you can Misdirection from 0.

  • Paule's Café is dope. It makes running with Chameleon safe, can store multiple Boomerangs, and holds Clot and Pelangi purge-proof for when you need them. When not running, use it to install your permanent rig for 1 a pop, ideally even the Supercorridor. Just holding extra cards you won't be installing anytime soon is valuable, you can unclog your hand from the extra Flame-outs and trigger Lat easier.

  • Many games will build towards a big turn with Freedom Through Equality + triple Khusyuk for 18 cards. This is fairly consistent.

  • Saker is easily the jankiest card in the deck, this could and prolly should be a third Boomerang, but I'm trying hard to make it work because it's cool as heck, and almost economical between Paule's and Flame-out. Its biggest strength is that it forces early use of Border Control (even when it's the innermost ice, since you break and derez in a single window). The dream is to install it for 1 each turn and derez some expensive ice with a little help from Pelangi where applicable, but don't expect to be doing that much.

  • You can use Chameleon to trigger the Lat ability more often by juggling the order of triggers.

  • Guru Davinder is an expensive, but so far extremely effective tutorable silver bullet against the thousand cuts PE and Builder of Nations matchups, which are otherwise very problematic, what with the amount of draws and moving pieces.

  • Supercorridor is an all-around decent console, and you'll get the 2 from time to time, but don't sweat it. It's mostly there for the memory. The increased hand size can be a mixed blessing, since sometimes you want to drop overdrawn extras and match the corp's 5 to trigger Lat. Just keep in mind you can't do that once it hits the table.