Re-Boot the Foodcoat (with killing option)

mao 656

"The game has changed" (Ichi 2.0)

After MWL everyone knew that HB Foodcoat would have lost something. How we could replace Eli 1.0 and Architect?

Everyone also thought about NEXT ice, mostly because Parasite is in the MWL too. But NEXT ice in the early game are weak, and the Runner can easily pass through them. And Ddos is abused nowadays.

So I decided to put 2x of Executive Boot Camp and it's really perfect for the NEXT strategy!

First of all you can rez your outermost piece of ice (or others), avoiding Ddos and Blackmail.

Second, you can rez a piece of NEXT ice every turn, paying them less, and making them stronger without waiting for the runs. In the middle game you can rez a 5-6 strenght NEXT Bronze for 1 credit!

Third, you can place it as a trap, trashing it to retrieve one Jackson Howard or one of your economy assets.

Fourth, if you don't have Breaker Bay Grid installed, you can rez your economy assets paying them less.

Fifth, you can rez IQ when you have few cards in your hand and then you can let it grow.

Another trick of the deck is obviously Marcus Batty. With Executive Boot Camp in middle game you'll have 4-5 NEXT ice rezzed. And this is the time when you can kill the Runner using our crazy sysop combined with NEXT Gold! It's amazing! Also it can be rezzed at the same time of Caprice Nisei and you can retrieve it using Archived Memories or Project Vitruvius!

The agendas are classic, I put one Chronos Project against Anarchs (MaxX) mostly. Let those ABT fire unless you're in absolute control! You have 18 ice and only 9 agendas!

Last thing, Heimdall 2.0 and Ichi 2.0 are classic HB badass. They burn D4vids and credits like hell!

5 Feb 2016 tonybluehose

I like this deck. I feel like with the rise of Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe and Blackmail recursion, having a card like EBC (or even Elizabeth Mills) is really important. I'd wager that Executive Boot Camp is a much better choice than Ms. Mills, though it's always fun to totally make Val lose her bad pub.

I digress...I like this deck!

5 Feb 2016 mao

@tonybluehose thanks! It has a win rate extremely high! The only weak spot that I found right now is MaxX DLR (Ddos, Account Siphon, Wireless Net Pavillion, Fall Guy, Eater).

5 Feb 2016 mao

@tonybluehose thanks! It has a win rate extremely high! The only weak spot that I found right now is MaxX DLR (Ddos, Account Siphon, Data Leak Reversal, Wireless Net Pavillion, Fall Guy, Eater).

5 Feb 2016 mao

@tonybluehose thanks! It has a win rate extremely high! The only weak spot that I've found until now is MaxX DLR (Ddos, Account Siphon, Data Leak Reversal, Wireless Net Pavillion, Fall Guy, Eater).

5 Feb 2016 rwknoll

Have you considered Vikram 1.0 from Kala Ghoda? I just put 3x in a different version of an HB glacier deck I made, and I'm really digging it. Only 1 credit more than Ichi 1.0, but it really catches people off guard. Works really well on the outside of a remote with Turing.

5 Feb 2016 mao

@rwknoll this was a decklist that I made for our meta. Here in Italy we don't have Kala Ghoda yet. Then I'll see. Vikram 1.0 for Ichi 1.0 seems good.

6 Feb 2016 Simone Suka

@mao are u italian? Idk who you are! The name suggests you're "Gatto" ahaha. I like this deck, i builded another version of the "old" HB Foodcoats. Consider the rising of noise in Italy could be a problem for this deck.

6 Feb 2016 SneakdoorMelb

How's your Noise matchup? Typically I'm really happy to see NEXT ice on the other side of the table as Noise because I get so many good Parasite targets.

6 Feb 2016 mao

@Simone"Suka" @SneakdoorMelb if I have to be honest here in my meta I don't have played against many Noise decks. Anarchs are more MaxX or Valencia. However I guess that with Executive Boot Camp you can make your ice stronger, then you have Chronos Protocol, and don't forget that this deck has also other 10 ice that aren't NEXT.

7 Feb 2016 TheTick

I took this deck to a store champs this weekend. It did rather well, thank you! I ended up top 8 out of 26. I did face a Noise deck in the elimination rounds and the parasites absolutely wrecked me. Plus, not too wild about Batty. I think I used him once all day and whiffed. I also swapped the Ichi 1.0 for a Vikram 1.0 and was pretty pleased with it.

7 Feb 2016 mao

@TheTick thanks for the report and congratulations for the result! Personally I like Batty for the 3 points influence, and also I like to see the face of the Runner when I kill him with it. But I guess that's a decklist that can be adjusted for every meta. What would you change of it?

7 Feb 2016 tonybluehose

I've gone to two Vikram 1.0 on and am having fun with this. Also, just to mess around with new cards, I took our Project Vitruvius and slotted in Advanced Concept Hopper (it doesn't make it better, but two Hoppers scored creates some really nice cushion).

7 Feb 2016 TheTick

I'm not sure what I'd swap out. Maybe use the influence to change the Vitruvius to NAPDs, and the deck slot for a cyberdex to have at least something to slow down Noise. You'd also have an extra influence for a wraparound as an extra cushion against Faust/eater decks.

7 Feb 2016 TheTick

I was also curious about how many remotes you would make. I often found myself wanting to have a scoring remote, plus an eve or Adonis, and executive boot camp. But defending three remotes plus central square is nearly impossible. Most times I'd throw a campaign n a lightly defended remote and the boot camp in my scoring remote, overwriting it when needed.

9 Feb 2016 mao

@TheTick exactly, I usually have 2, or when I'm completely stable 3, remotes.

P.S. The changes seem interesting, I'll try them.

11 Feb 2016 tonybluehose

Had my first Batty kills with this last night; I've played maybe ten games with it and that was the first time--but it was great. One thing I'm learning with this deck is how to better use remote play--there have been many times where I've got an Even ticking down in the scoring remote...I don't want to overwrite it, but my agendas are starting to pile up in hand.

I think it's understanding how to manage where things go that make a huge difference.

Oh, also, Fisk Investment Seminar makes IQ a wonderful card. That happened twice at my game night.

12 Feb 2016 mao

@tonybluehose personally I still think that this deck is a piece of art. Of course you can adapt it for your meta or you can use the cards of the new cycle that's coming. But the base is really strong, I don't feel that there are cards tha aren't useful.