SYNC the Sun, - 4-0 GNK

DocBacon 53

Howdy All Here is a SYNC deck I took to a 12 player GNK in Perth ( I came 4th over all - sadly let down by my Sunny Deck.

The aim of this is to simply - Build a Credit Pool - Wait for Runner to run - Sea Source - Hard Hitting News / Closed Accounts / All Seeing I

Money is important - Spent the turns clicking to Purge the Tapworms.

If I had my time again I would -2 QPM and +2 TGTBT

1 Dec 2017 RvdH83

If you would have to redo the deck in 44 cards. What would you remove?

1 Dec 2017 DocBacon

I tried really hard to drop it to 44 but I wasn’t happy with the results but if you twisted my arms I would go

-1 Global Food -1 Best Defence -1 Resistor -1 All Seeing I -1 Green Level Clearance.