Choose Your Own Adventure (Top 8 Colorado Store Champs)

funnyways3 936

In a time of overwhelming safety and obnoxious Ash 2X3ZB9CY / Caprice Nisei decks, I decided to go for something that throws caution to the wind and out-paces the runner for going with the flow. This deck opens a lot of doors and doesn't make anything really difficult to get through but the choices are just as difficult, and even more so if you're just testing the waters.

It's reaction heavy so, like most of what I build, prepare for a rough pilot. Plenty of open servers and the runner basically gets to guess but here's some things that might trip them up:

Racing through a Bandwidth only to hit a Kitsune faceplant into Quantum Predictive Model...even more fun with Franchise City on the table (this happens surprisingly often).

Data Raven - Quantum Model (because duh)

Anything with Keegan Lane, especially on remotes where people expect Sansan or literally anything else...

Random freaking Archer out of nowhere

Kitsune'ing into a 15 Minutes during a run on a double-advanced Global Food (that was a fun day)

Somebody that uses News Team...

Ultimately, this is all about choices for the runner and though realistically they are all safe, they aren't all good and that's where this deck shines. A 2.0 version of this deck takes out 1 Project Beale, 1 Turnpike and 1 Foxfire for 2 Award Bait and a Jackson Howard. Part of the success of this deck also plays into the fear of the kill, which gives plenty of time to get ahead and, of course, dropping two 3-2's is always fun.

Of course struggles with Film Critic but not as bad as you think. Again, this deck is about speed and forcing bad choices, usually one that leaves a tag or blows up a necessary program.

If's fun as hell to play. Sub Boosts help turn the cheap ice into something truly obnoxious and taxing, one Psychographics in case the opponent says screw it and goes tag me. Either way, it's surprisingly effective and you'll be thinking like crazy. :) Enjoy!

23 Feb 2016 PureFlight

This looks really sweet! Do you have suggestions on ICE placement? Its sounds like Kitsune goes on a scoring remote. Any specific plans with your singleton Enigma, Archer, or Wraparound? And 3x Bandwidth seems odd, so where do you like to use that?

23 Feb 2016 funnyways3

Sure! So, ICE placement is really all over the map and kind of depends on what you're stuck with in your hand. Naturally with a deck like this, 1 ICE and two agendas isn't a bad thing, and Data Ravens in front of Quantums are usually a given. Bandwidths in front of Pachinko and Kitsune's are great and if that doesn't work, throw a Sub Boost to create a 0-5 taxing nightmare.

The idea is to score fast and force the runner to choose where to run even faster. It's not uncommon for me to throw out a Franchise and 2 agendas in open servers unprotected. Depending on the agendas, you've got a 66% chance to come out ahead in the deal and a 100% chance to come out even. You'll win those battles in the long run, especially as your tricks start to kick in more.

The singletons, I use as surprises really. Archer mainly, Enigma and Wraparound really just give some minimal defense for an early scoring window maybe, but it's the Archer that throws them off and since they're making run decisions really quickly, it's very likely that they won't be ready (or have to burn an entire David to get through...)

It's a play it by ear really. There's no system I can give you other than play the board and do it faster than the runner can 1. Figure out what you're doing and 2. Get themselves set up to deal with it. :)

24 Feb 2016 C4344

This looks fun. But are you ok money wise?

24 Feb 2016 lolpaca

I've found Early Premiere really shines in Haarp decks, might worth trying?

Congrats on what looks like a fun deck! I'd probably try and get it down to 49 cards if I built it but I'm fussy like that.

25 Feb 2016 funnyways3

C4344, money is a very small problem and that's only if you can't get started quick enough. Everything is so darn cheap that it doesn't become a problem, though you'll wind up clicking for credits a few times (which is perfectly fine).

lolpaca, thank you! I thought about it, I don't always have the agendas down to make that work and it becomes a bit of a dead card until then, but maybe i'll give it a shot. As far as the 54, yeah...this originally had Museum in it but honestly, every card has a purpose and I just can't think of ways to cut it down. Maybe someday, still tweaking it :)

27 Feb 2016 TheRyanBurke

What are the 2 Foxfire for?

27 Feb 2016 funnyways3

Ryan! The 2 was a bit much, but in testing I found that Always Be Running wrecked this deck so it was thrown in as a silver bullet. Didn't really wind up useful though.

21 Mar 2016 Dothanite

About a month late to the party, but you've inspired me with this deck. Took a variation of this to a casual night tonight and had a blast. Kitsune in Haarp is brilliant and I am so tempted to put in a third if Faust wasn't so rampant.

It definitely needs economy, though. I slimmed you list down to 49 cards, and I wish I had room for more Sweeps or the third Hedge.

21 Mar 2016 funnyways3

Hey no worries Doth! Glad that this inspired you! I try that with the goofy stuff I do :) The economy was a little bit of a struggle so I'm still working that out. It's been struggling a little bit so I might have to rethink some of the agenda decisions, but it's a heck of a lot of fun to play!