Hot Tub Time Machine!

mediohxcore 877

Are you bored of crushing your opponents with stupid Museum of History IG decks?

Why not try crushing your opponents with a stupid Museum of History Gagarin deck!

Enter Hot Tub Time Machine! A deck that combines time traveling Alliance bullshit and 3 copies of Executive Retreat for flavor and because every 5/3 is pretty much exactly the same in the slot anyway.


I'm glad you asked, Hot Tub Time Machine supporting actor Craig Robinson!

Like your standard IG prison deck, step one is to land a Mumbad City Hall so you can start spamming out your Museums and Temples to give you sufficient economy and recursion to not worry about those things. If you need to ICE City Hall or a Museum because your opponent insists on trying to trash things, that's fine. You don't usually need too much ICE for your centrals super early. Just one Hive or Tour Guide on R&D should last you through the midgame.

When you use MCH, look at the top 3 cards for the things you need at the time to secure the midgame. Good finds include more ICE, Tech Startups, Hostiles, Banker's Groups, and the pieces of your kill combo for later.

Once you have a chokehold on the board, you can start playing Salem's off MCH to take out whatever is potentially annoying from their hand: Parasites, Levy, IHW are common things to attack. If they let you take a shot at their Plascrete, take it, because otherwise you're going to need to land a large Power Grid Overload to take it out from the board. You want to reshuffle Heritage and Salem's every turn so you can look at the top 3 before deciding which to play first.

If your opponent ignores or tries to Moby you, you have a pretty reasonable scoring plan: Mumbad Construction Co plus 3/5 of your faceup agendas. You don't want to nerf your Hives too badly in the event that you have to score. Ideally, you score one New Construction, then find a way to draw two more faceup agendas at the same time off Heritage and score them both immediately for the win. CVS for clot if necessary. SEA away their Sac Cons if necessary.


Glad to hear it, Craig.

Here's some explanations of the cards:

Agendas: The minimum non Government Takeover influence-free agendas you can play with enough face-ups to score out. Don't take out Executive Retreat or my deck name goes to shit.

Blacklist: taking Levy out of their hand or blocking Parasites with Tour Guide-Blacklist is pretty good. Necessarily for NBN alliance

DBS: Could be a Reversed Accounts, but that plan never materialized for me and DBS is good at finding things.

Mills/Executive Search: Anti-Slums tech but also good at destroying Wyldsides and blanking Val.

Executive Boot Camp: Combination 4th Tech Startup-Anti DDOS/Blackmail tech.

Turtlebacks/Commercial Bankers: Probably the best economy cards that get you Jinteki Alliance.

CVS: You're a fast advance deck and being able to blank their early game Medium spoils in the midgame is also pretty good.

Lotus FIeld: Jinteki Alliance, 8th ICE, only Code Gate. Not really any other decent options here unless you want to try Wall of Thorns.

Finally, here's a picture of Princess Space Kitten:


16 May 2016 leburgan

Call me Ishmael. Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my purse...

16 May 2016 Saan

Yesssss, join the NRDB dark side >=)

16 May 2016 podoboyz99

Glad to see that Dan has ditched meteor and continued the NRDB tradition of shitposting memes in the description.

16 May 2016 mediohxcore

Guys I didn't ditch meteor I just wanted to partake in the janklord shitposting so I could win dotw for once :(

16 May 2016 podoboyz99

Thats what they all say at first. NRDB is like a drug, the first DOTW is always free...

16 May 2016 kollapse

Saw this on your Meteor, but the version with Government Takeover, looks like a blast. You don't think the 3rd Scorched is needed?

16 May 2016 ManBunBatty

I guess I don't see how you use Construction Co. to score two in one turn. Sure, I don't doubt you could have the money, but who would let it build so many counters? In my testing, if it wasn't in a glacier (and also the runner didn't have a full rig), they'd trash it at 2 to 3 counters.

16 May 2016 TheBigBoy

@ManBunBattyif the runner gets to game point, they could theoretically stop running for a very long time, making it impossible for you to SEA scorch them. Construction Co gives you a way to force them to run so you can murder them.

16 May 2016 Parzival

Dan, I hate you for this.

Just thought you'd like to know.

16 May 2016 hypomodern

World Champion, World Champion, Deck of the Week (for once) ;)

16 May 2016 x3r0h0ur

No sleeves in the time machine.

16 May 2016 tvaduva

I guess I'll have to sleeve up the Au Revoir Beckman deck :)

Fifteen credits per turn should be enough to outpace this monstrosity if I can keep the turtles/bankers in check.

16 May 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Welcome to the Guru Davinder + Apocalypse meta?

16 May 2016 HakenPerth

Awesome deck man!! Such a great combo of everything !!

16 May 2016 hi_impact

@FarCryFromHumanGuru doesn't work against Hostile Infrastructure. Each net damage is separate so that's... a lot of 4c triggers.

17 May 2016 GrantZilla1979

Sacrificial Clone is about the only thing I can think of short of a Scrooge McDuck money bin of credits + Guru Davinder/Feedback Filter that could get you through Apocalypse alive vs. this deck.

17 May 2016 x3r0h0ur

Clone doesn't work righ either

17 May 2016 x3r0h0ur

Errrr work

17 May 2016 GrantZilla1979

It's not a good solution to anything. I guess Deus X also works here - or is that any amount of net damage from a single instance, whereas Hostile Inf gains "x" instances of 1 net damage per "x" cards trashed?

17 May 2016 x3r0h0ur

Deus will not stop hs damage from apoc gor the same reason, because each damage is applied like komainu rather than like cortex lock or katana. Feedback and guru are the only realisg solutions but you need massive duckets to prevent enough to not kill you.

17 May 2016 GrantZilla1979

With duckets those massive why are you even running still just start your own damn corp

18 May 2016 mediohxcore

I recommend being Whizzard

18 May 2016 x3r0h0ur

Spoken like a criminal @GrantZilla1979 Some of us run to tear down the establishment, some of us run for fortunes, some of us run as an expression of who we are. Some of us even run because we have to, or for those we love, or because we hate everything and everyone.

19 May 2016 Raynor

Is 8 ICE really enough? With all the Whizzards sporting Medium and Ice destruction around, they can just simply ignore your gameplan and dig through R&D like there's no tomorrow. Am I wrong here? Or it's just that you need to actively defend against it and snipe these tools from their hand?

19 May 2016 mediohxcore

8 ICE is fine: medium is a huge tempo hit for the runner and usually lets you find ICE in the next couple of turns off heritage comm

20 May 2016 moistloaf

two time world champ posts a deck with power grid overload in it

21 May 2016 Therad

Thank you Dan for showing exactly how good the deck-of-the-week system is. :)

22 May 2016 Icehawk

So when you say: "When you use MCH, look at the top 3 cards for the things you need at the time to secure the midgame. Good finds include more ICE, Tech Startups, Hostiles, Banker's Groups, and the pieces of your kill combo for later."

What do you mean? MCH can't search for any of your ICE, tech startups, hostiles, banker's groups, SEA, or scorched. None of those are alliance cards. So I'm confused on that point.

22 May 2016 kollapse

@IcehawkThe "search" in MCH let's you look at your deck and decide whether you want to use Heritage Committee to draw the top three cards (which you now know what they are) or fetch any other Alliance card instead. I'd take it that is what he means.

22 May 2016 duff

serious question, but probably silly- how does this deck meet the influence requirements, given Mumba Temple and Museum of History's influence requirement? The influence alone of the other cards is 21.. Am I missing something here?

22 May 2016 triorph

duff: all the alliance cards (mumba temple, museum of history, heritage committee, salem's hospitality) cost 0 influence if certain deck-building requirements are met, which Dan has purposefully done to avoid having to pay influence on these cards.

23 May 2016 tzeentchling

Councilman/multiples gives a chance in the Apocalypse matchup. You still have to have the 5x credits (where x=number of Hostile Infrastructures rezzed that turn) ready to go, but either the corp has to see the Apoc coming and pre-rez the HIs before the Apoc turn (giving you a window to go trash them) or you can avoid the hit.

23 May 2016 tzeentchling

Or, alternately, the binder-fodder Leverage, with some ability that gives you extra clicks/Doppelgänger. If they don't give you damage immunity from the Hostiles, then you suddenly have 2 bad pub to go start trashing all their assets!

24 May 2016 Fry

Wait, wait. If you use Heritage Committee off of Mumbad City Hall, you resolve the "draw 3, put one back" before you shuffle from MCH? So you already know what cards you're drawing before you choose Heritage? That is crazy.

25 May 2016 LeonardQuirm

@ManBunBatty- at which point they've run, and you SEA Scorch them.

@duff- They're alliance cards, which means they don't cost influence if you meet certain deckbuilding constraints. E.g. this is a 54 card deck, so Museum of History is influence free. In this deck, this means the influence costs from Museum of History, Mumba Temple, Salem's Hospitality and Heritage Committee are all free.

@mediohxcore- what's the purpose of Executive Search Firm in this deck? The only targets for it are Jackson Howard and Elizabeth Mills - are they both critical enough to need to be able to tutor for them?

25 May 2016 mediohxcore

Just Elizabeth mills to kill Slums ASAP. You can tutor ESF with MCH and then Mills with ESF. The fact that it has click: draw jackson is mostly just bonus so it isn't totally donothing otherwise.

25 May 2016 mohaymen

I cant see how you can deal with whizzard here..

26 May 2016 schrader

@mohaymen It installs too many assets for Whizzard to keep up, and anything he trashes you can recycle with Museum.

28 May 2016 Katsushika

@kollapse, I don't think that's what @mediohxcoremeans. If you use MCH to search you must shuffle:

"Search If a player is searching for a card, he or she must find the card, if able. If a player is unable to fulfill the condition of the search, then nothing happens, but the deck is always reshuffled. "

I'm fairly certain he means use MCH to find and play HComm to prepare for the midgame.

28 May 2016 kollapse

@Katsushika MCH shuffles, of course, but not until you have used/installed a card with it. So you look at the entire deck, including the top 3 cards, decide if you want to use Heritage Committee to draw them (and then shuffle) or install another alliance card with MCH (effectively shuffling away the top 3 cards you didn't want anyway). So if any of the top 3 cards are those cards needed in the mid-game, you use Heritage and draw them. If not, you install another alliance card forcing a shuffle - enabling the Heritage seeing new cards the next turn as well.

MCH let's you find Heritage, as you say, but you don't have to choose which Alliance to use before seeing the deck and deciding if those top cards are what you need right now.

28 May 2016 Katsushika

Ah, thanks for the clarification :)

15 Dec 2016 FightingWalloon

What would this deck look like now? -3 influence and BOOM now around.