Wu May Fly [1st in Berlin GNK]

Angelnet5000 70

This is one of the many decks made to use the nice interaction between Mayfly, and Wu's ability. I took inspiration from rngnsb's deck, but went the Contaminate/Conduit plus Jailbreaks route for multi-access and the freed up influence went to an Imp as tech against Gagarin and CTM asset spam. I also did not like the Atman, so I opted for a normal icebreaker suite for late game instead.

The deck plays pretty similar to rngnsb's version, using Flies on Fire to threaten early remotes, fetching Rezekis early, when you expect a long game of attrition, and keeping an SMC on board for Clot if you play against fast advance.

The deck went 2-1 on the day, winning against Palana with Shipment from Tennin, mainly because of Clot and Gagarin mainly because of Imp and some deep R&D runs with Conduit. I lost to a version of Tiltrope because damn that's a strong deck and even though I was careful not to get hit by tons of tags and exchange of information on my turn, I was too slow, and he scored out before I could hit him with my big multi accesses.