Restoring Face (German Nationals 2022: StartUp Winner)

Bl4nk3t 600

this list was built for the Startup Format Side Event at German Nationals 2022 and ultimately won the title!

for the accompanying Az List - truly the star of the finals - see here

In response to comments critical of company guidelines, we here at Jinteki HQ are happy to announce a new initiative, taking into account more humane treatment of perpetrators caught in the act of defying company law.

Lethal Force will only be applied to the worst offenders dabbling in occult data mining techniques, too vile to describe in further detail. Less egregious contemporaries will be encouraged to leave on their own by a humane ushering mechanism - certified for being less lethal.

As thought and action leaders in restorative techniques, we deeply care about the environmental and societal impact of our business and thus have streamlined our capabilities in order to fast track the restoration process.

Did the Jinteki Spokesperson manage to rectify Jintekis critics?

Who is planning on restoring whose face here? - YOU DECIDE!

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So... this is my take on 'vegetarian Jinteki' in the Startup format (in reference to the - not-actively-and-primarily-trying-to-kill-the-runner-but-don't-minding-either-if-the-runner-ends-up-dead-kind of playstyle popularized by @manicmoleman with Vegetarian Jemison).

pictured: the runner, accessing a Snare!

Tournament Report for the Startup Side Event for German Nationals 2022

  • Round1: Lost to 114141 's Esâ - although it might seem to benefit the ID ability, helping to get facedown cards sabotaged down into archives..... it's really not... and getting stuff back with Spin Docs and Moon Pools is quite limited (as you want to overdraw and discard often in this deck ). Also I learned that putting a single Engram Flush in front of a remote is pretty much a high risk bluff on the corp part. For HQ and R&D you're usually threatening a Snare! - so a smart / non-suicidal Runner would be ill advised to loose 'grip HP' cards on their way to our patented Jinteki net damage delivery platform. A remote on the other hand with a long unrezzed card in it could be a Moon Pool - and incentivize a run there, but on rezzed Bladderworts especially a runner with Steelskin Scarring - might be tempted to just let the ice fire for a profit - pretty much exactly like 114141 piloted Esâ in this match- again very well played for a deserved win!

  • R2: timed draw with Tradons Zahya. That one was pretty lucky for me. In the long run I feel it would have been his game. And I only caught up on the 4 agenda points tied with the runner, when I managed the Moon Pool + SanSan+Regenesis+Big Agenda. Short reminder here that putting the Send a Message into the scoring area in this way does not allow you to rez ice for free with it's ability.

  • R3: won against Pommes' Ken Tenma. Turns out Ken runs archives a lot with dirty laundry as long as it is virtually free, when there is a Swift. Also turns out that Diviner is quite the effective ice against Cat's Cradle. A thrilling game with many reversals where both of us had amassed some Weegendas, but not yet match point when the time was called. Neither one found any agendas on time. I had a slight lead in Agenda Points for the timed victory.

  • R4: won against DL7RRK's Tāo Salonga - this was a Tāo on a Boat and it was frighteningly efficient, dropping an early Conduit - pressuring R&D heavily, with me drawing more and more to get Ice to install and make it reasonably taxing to run R&D and maybe make the runner overlook that I do have double Snare! money left,,,, which of course both did not manifest. I managed to hide a Send a Message in Archives for exactly one turn unchecked with a Regenesis scored the following turn for the win.

(Top3: Runners Up Finals and Grande Finals: it was single sided, with me being allowed to choose the side first, opting for the Az List I had more confidence in, and then facing the corp favored by the champion of swiss Virulentz.)

preemptive answers to questions:

Q: What's up with not playing with 44 cards?

A: I felt adding a Yagi-Uda, 2 Regolith Mining Licenses, a Snare! and a Celebrity Gift would benefit the deck. Because the threat from 3 Snare!s is wildly more threatening than just 2. Also the bluffing potential with the Celebrity Gift is great (overdrawing, keeping 1 card hidden, then CelebGifting for creds and shuffling before the decision what to pitch in archives) makes for fun Ruse, or no Ruse situations for the runner.

Q: Why play Snare! at all in this deck which seemingly does not aim to kill the runner?

A: See the Round1 section of the tournament report

Q: I'm having problems scoring the 3-Pointer Send A Message out of a secure Remote - the ice seems kind of porous. What gives?

A: Send a Message is preferably won (but not technically scored) out of archives using a Regenesis with the help of Moon Pool(either, on the end of the runner turn to help put the Send a Message into archive in an opportune moment, or on the turn you want to score anything but a Regenesis for its agenda ability) and/or San San City Grid if necessary. San San of course also helps Fast advancing all other agendas.