Brain Dead

Mad Tinkerer 94

This is a grinder deck. Your main weapon is Synth DNA Modification which will get better and better the more brain damage you do. And there are plenty of tricks to do some brain damage!

Daily Quest is a great card in this ID, if they run it you get to rez another Bioroid for 4 less and if they don't run it you gain 3 - win win for you and if you use a Hákarl 1.0 to protect it you can even derez it and thus deny the 2 for the successfull run.

Kuwinda K4H1U3 forces them to actually run and not just wait when they start to understand your gameplan and with the strong econ of Daily Quest as well as the high tax of Bioroids you should also be able to outrace them. Remember every brain damage makes it a lot harder against Synth DNA Modification.

I like to place my Trieste Model Bioroids behind a Hákarl 1.0 this way I can rez him when they run something else and once they run Trieste to destroy it you can derez it with Hákarl 1.0 and straight rerez it and aim for Hákarl 1.0 which is basically a safe brain damage.

Loki is just great. I would recommand to aim for an ap ice but there are almost non smart other choices.

Fairchild 3.0 is a great target for your Trieste Model Bioroids because if the runner doesn't use his first click to run that server they have to feel the full force of this ice. You highly have to consider doing the brain damage instead of ending the run, even if it protects one of your Daily Quest.

Restore helps with instantly getting back your Synth DNA Modification or Kuwinda K4H1U3 to keep the pressure up.

Show of Force can be a sneaky flatline if the runner sits at 4 brain damage and refuses to run.