Nanny Plum V2 30th at World won 4 lost 5

craigmurtagh 61

First there are a few thank you before I go into the V2. First a big thank you to NISEI for running a excellent event it is amazing the work that they continue to do. Second thanks to all those responsible for the rebirth of the Manchester Meta it is great to see it back up and running. I would also like to thank all my opponents who all played the game in a very positive manner. Lastly a big thank you to my traveling partner Terrance for his company over the weekend.

On to the deck it went 4 – 5 in Swiss. It was by far the weaker of my two decks but still helped me to get an excellent 30th place. The deck turned out to be a bit of a jack of all trades but a master of none. Having all the tools in the 45 cards but often not having the ability to turn that into a win. It is defiantly some of the losses were down to piloting error but the decks tempo often felt off which it had felt in practice and I was unable to correct before Worlds. As this deck is a home build and a progression of trying to do different things with Hayley I don’t think it any stronger than the deck I took to Euros where I came 17th and may be in fact weaker. That said as of writing I have not decided if it is time to retire Nanny Plum or if she will ride one last time into Sheffield for UK Nationals.