Old News (LA Regional 1st place)

chih 13

The deck didn't drop a game all day (05/21/16 - 56 players)

You can check out my runner deck here

This is basically just the deck @shanodin used to win her regional with -1 Data Raven -1 Interns +1 Mideason Replacements +1 Psychographics.

Snare! and Sensie Actors Union were both amazing all day. Psychographics let me score that crucial first Astro against a tag-me Maxx, but didn't really come into play much otherwise. I would probably remove the PAD and Shattered Remains for something else, maybe another Midseasons and a Restructure?

Swiss Rounds
Top 8

24 May 2016 slk

how much work did Salem's do for you?

24 May 2016 chih

@slk Salem's was pretty solid all day long. It is extremely flexible and can help enable kills or slow the runner down until you get all your pieces. One of the two huge mistakes I made in my top 8 game against Alex was tunnel visioning on calling I've had worse with this. I saw him draw two deja vus with inject so I should have just forced the discard and 24/7 into scorch like 10 turns before I ended up barely winning.

27 May 2016 shanodin

Hey, glad the deck performed well for you! Snare! is legit MVP here. Jacksoning 2 Snares back into R&D feels good!

I wouldn't have expected the deck to be rich enough to Midseason/Psycho a lot of the time, but they are deffo worthy of a thought. The PAD Campaign was purely a flex slot that I didn't want to be another piece of ICE. Shattered Remains can be good but really shines if you have an Astro token. Those two are what I'd rather cut for Mid/Psych over the Raven and Interns, but I'm glad your changes worked for you!

9 Jun 2016 robotussin

Just wanted to let you know I took this deck to the NYC regionals (69 players). This deck helped me to 6th after 6 rounds of Swiss and 4th overall after the cut. 50/50 wins on scoring and flatline. The pressure that you can exert with a scored astro is amazing. Snares were MVP. I like the single pad a lot. Dropping the pad behind a single ice kept the runner from ever checking it. I misplayed a winning boardstate in the 3/4 game during Elim, or else I would have finished higher. Nine + hours of Netrunner will do funny things to your thinking! Thanks for posting this awesome deck!

15 Jun 2016 chih

@shanodin Yea, I generally only just barely had enough to Midseasons. I ended up holding back sweeps weeks or hedge fund a couple of times so I could go money card, money card (or credit), midseasons after they stole something thinking they were safe. Usually just a turn of tags was enough tempo where I could trash all their stuff or score out an astro (never killed anyone outside 24/7 news cycle).

@robotussin That's awesome! Congrats! I think all credit needs to go to @shanodin though, I just switched a couple cards around. I also screwed up pretty badly in the top 8 by missing an easy kill, playing for such a long time is definitely mentally exhausting.