I Found A Use For Record Reconstructor!

LeonardQuirm 968

I found a use for Record Reconstructor! Namely: it's a 0-cost influence-free (in Shaper) Hardware.

Plan is:

1) Install Bazaar and Replicator. Now you can install all copies of two hardware for one click each turn! Use Tyson Observatory to get Replicator faster if necessary. Bazaar you'll just have to draw into.

2) Install all of the hardware. ALL OF IT.

(Oh, and e3 Feedback Implants as well - but that's only a one-of, and you need to keep it).

3) Use Spy Camera to search your deck as you're going, pulling out singletons of the hardware you need and the other cards, then doing Replicator installs to get shuffles and deck-thinning. Bonus Oracle May credits available here.

4) Install Leprechaun and put Endless Hunger and Brahman on it. Put Scheherazade off to the side.

5) Start running! Use all your cheap Hardware to sell to Aesop's Pawnshop or feed to Endless Hunger, pop Spy Cameras to check if R&D is worth it, use Oracle May to redraw the programs that Brahman puts back onto your deck.


It's so good it's Tier 0. And all thanks to Record Reconstructor!

25 May 2016 seeds34

You got me for a secound there, a use for Record Reconstructor. I was thinking about a smiler deck recently, using 0 cost hardware with Bazaar, Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar and Replicator and I even looked at Record Reconstructor but decided it was still not worth it. I didn't think of using all the hardware to feed Endless Hunger though.

Looks like the deck could be a good laugh for both players, espcialy when you start replicating Dorm Computers and Record Reconstructor.

25 May 2016 Heinrich

I tried building something similar, though mine had 100 cards in it.

I just feel like it needs some multiaccess. You could also try NetChips and drop the Leprechaun.

25 May 2016 Cliquil

This is a thing of beauty.

26 May 2016 LeonardQuirm

@seeds34 - it's certainly amusing as you basically empty your deck directly onto the table. "First click, I install 9 cards and put 9 credits on each Technical Writer" is a great statement. Dorm Computer has actually been proving pretty nice - when you've got 12 counters, no Run events or other card-based click abilities creating your runs and a desire to sell the cards anyway, you may as well use it, and it makes a lot of NBN players really sad! I know why it's not used much in more common decks, but it's really strong in the right matches.

@Heinrich - Multiaccess would certainly be good. R&D Interface is the obvious choice but expensive. Alternatively The Turning Wheel could replace Oracle May for multiaccess at the cost of a bit of money.

@Cliquil - Thanks!

26 May 2016 alexstevens

Maya for all your Dorm Computer runs!

15 Nov 2016 LeonardQuirm

Update: the release of Top Hat has rendered Record Reconstructor unnecessary in this deck. Sorry to all.