Two Towers: 1st DracheNäscht SC

qvm 1921

For decades, Weyland has controlled access to the skies with their New Angeles Beanstalk. This year, a Jinteki division from Mars has started the construction of a new, more powerful tower, from Jinja straight into space. Together, the constructions are known as the Two Towers.

Minas Morgul

This deck placed first in the DracheNäscht store championship in Bern, Switzerland.
In Swiss, it won against Adam, Hayley, Valencia, and lost to Maxx. In the cut, it won against the same Hayley and Maxx for a total record of 5/6.
My runner was Hyper Hayley.

This deck can both rush out or turtle up. Against Hayley, rushing is probably the right call. I lost my first game against Maxx by trying to rush. However, the correct play would be to ice all centrals (even archives) first, then make money and build a scoring remote, while making sure to pay for all mining accidents.

Notable cards

NGO Front is the MVP. While it's a strong card in any deck with remote ice, it fits perfectly into AgInfusion. It increases the number of good "operation" econ cards from 9 to 12 and allows for the most hilarious ruses.

Jinja City Grid is a strong card, but despite including Seidr, this is not a Jinja deck. Jinja is just one of your outs, one way to go fast and put a lot of pressure on the runner. It's strong without adding tons of draw synergies that are wasted if you don't draw Jinja. In the tournament, Jinja saw some play, but I also had three very early ice kills, so Jinja didn't always have time to shine.

Mason Bellamy I added this card at 7am on the day of the tournament after taking the shower. Before it was -Mason -Rototurret, +Jua +Ichi.
You can either boop or Nisei runners that have lost all their clicks. There are other cards that can exploit huge towers, but Bellamy works particularly well inAgInfusion.
That's the theory, because I never drew it in six games. (I checked after the tournament, it was in the deck).

Jua is amazing! You can get lockout situations against bin breakers and do all sorts of cool stuff. Against Maxx, put one on archive to prevent retrieval run. Could easily also play three.

SSL Endorsement suits me much better than The Future Perfect. I rushed one of these and the money meant that I could continue rushing. I don't like defending TFP too much and if they have film critic, both agendas are about equal.

Thanks to DracheNäscht for organizing a great tournament and thanks to all my competitors for the good games!

21 Feb 2018

Wie sagt man "Näscht" auf Hochdeutsch? Soll das Drachennest heissen oder Drachennacht? What is "Näscht" in High German? Is that supposed to mean, dragon hive or dragon night? Drache = Dragon btw.

21 Feb 2018 qvm

Drachennest, so dragon's lair (or hive). Night would be 'Nacht' in Swiss German, so the same as in Hochdeutsch

21 Feb 2018 qvm

Dragon Lair (or hive). Night would be the same in Swiss as in high German: Nacht

24 Feb 2018 zmb

Question regarding Jua: doesn't runner have priority when encountering ice? Was it the second ice where they could not install breaker? Since second then isn't a sentry I guess you just kept them out, but didn't kill on that account?

23 Aug 2018 Thornstromb

@zmb: a bit late, but no, Jua says "when encountering", so it's ability starts the moment the runner enters the encounter phase, regardless of priority. It's already "applied" before the runner could summon a Bin Breaker, so if that was their game-plan they get to trash an installed card.