NEH: 1st Place Zurich Regionals 2016

qvm 1226

This deck went 4/4 on the day in a 25 person tournament with four rounds of Swiss and a top 8 cut. I was 1st after Swiss and undefeated in double elimination.

My runner deck can be found here. The latest legal pack was The Liberated Mind.

Round 1: Bye
Round 2: Win against Hayley
Round 3: Win against Hayley
Round 4: ID

Top 8
Game 1: Win against Kate
Game 2: Win against Gabe
Game 3: Played runner
Game 4: Played runner

I won a store champ using Bullshit NEH and modified it slightly since then to include Sensie Actors Union. Meanwhile, the Atlanta regionals NEH also gave me new ideas.

I put together my own hybrid the night before regionals: I liked the Atlanta deck’s agenda suite (10 instead of 11 Agendas) and its strong anti-Clot play (3x CVS, 3x Shipment), but I wanted to keep some of Bullshit NEH’s burstiness.

I included Quandary and Enigma to avoid Atman at 0 being too powerful.

I went with Ichi over Eli because I wanted something that hurts. Won me the game over my friend’s Faust Gabe. After having Quality Timed and being on six points, he Maker's Eyed last click into my four ice deep R&D (unrezzed Archangel, unrezzed Ichi, Wraparound, Pop-up). He dropped a bunch of cards for the Archangel and was surprised to face Ichi with three cards left. He had one credit (I had more) so he couldn’t break the trash subroutines and let the trace fire. Trashed Sneakdoor and Breach and won this extremely close game shortly after.

Lucksack of the day
I went broke to biotic an Astro (probably on turn 2 or 3). Installing the Astro drew me another Astro, which I could score from 0 with Shipment the next turn. Which drew me another Astro and Shipment to score from 0 again. My opponent had two RDI by then and gave me five credits by stealing a Palooza. So I rez Sensie, get a Beale as the mandatory draw and score with the Palooza money.

Thanks to Andi and Dani for organizing, and thanks for everyone who came to play and made this a great day of Netrunner!