The Grindstone

CommissarFeesh 410

This deck is silly. I'm not sure yet HOW silly, because it actually sorta performs ok (though I'm sure it'll be awful at a tourney).

The plan is simple: use Bhagat to rile up the Masses, and tear down the Corp. Origami lets you hold all fold your angry mob up real small so they fit in your pocket. Pop it on a Djinn if is tight.

Eater is easily led around by a strong Pheromone trail. Hades Shard will get your access if you need it, but primary win condition is actually milling.

Early drafts didn't have any way to deal with Turing on a central, so I had to find room for a Yog.0. I used to run Mongoose over Mimic until I realised two Swordsman in a row would ruin my day.

Grimoire Could be Spinal Modem but I like the extra and having free tokens on Pheromones. Box-E is also an option I would seriously consider as I have the influence spare, depending on how hard I lean on Pheromones in testing.

Councilman makes Crisium Grids go away. Crisium Grids make Eater very sad. I wish I could run more of them.

Ideally I'd cut the 46th card, but I'm not really sure which card it is. It might be one of the Same Old Things, but being able to fire Fear the Masses without using one of the cards in hand is delicious.

29 Jun 2016 esutter479

Honestly, you aren't using IHW, so I'd switch to Box-E without question.

30 Jun 2016 CommissarFeesh

@esutter479 - no, but I am using Origami. It's hard to land a kill through a hand size of 9 or 14 :)

30 Jun 2016 LynxMegaCorp

I'd start with Reina and fit in a Rebirth (toss a Pheromones, you can tutor them) + another Career Fair, perhaps. Since you're using Mimic / Yog.0, 1x Ice Carver wouldn't hurt.

1 Jul 2016 CommissarFeesh

@Lynx Kuroneko - Love the idea of Ice Carver; things like Ichi 1.0 would be considerably less of a pain. Any suggestion on what you'd cut for it though? I'm loathe to lose any Career Fair, I have too many good targets.