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Time to be a Boss Haas

This deck is built around the core concept of Sandburg ice enhancement.

What was discovered early was that you need a lot of money to make it work (go figure).

So with that in mind I shied away from more expensive HB bioroids and went with the NEXT suite. An inexpensive ice suite that is quite strong on its own WHEN THEY DON'T DIE to parasite. Sandburg solves this problem by quickly bringing their strengths up to unmanageable levels for Faust, parasite and datasucker.

In all my test games I have gotten NEXT Bronze and NEXT Gold above 8 strength with only 4 next ice rezzed. The low expense of everything in this deck lets you hover between 15-25 credits once set up. As always you must weather early siphons and asset pressure but that's just part of the deal with HB.


The agendas in this deck are largely foodcoats standard with Corporate Sales Team to accelerate your rise to 20 credits.


Its all about those free Breaker Bay Grid love robots. Lots of money that is free for you and expensive for the runner to get rid of.

Adonis Campaign goes in a scoring remote if against whizzard.

Sandburg Is exceptional in HB. It gives you one credit for install, costs ZERO to rez and gives immediate benefit without investment, unlike things like IT Department. I usually put an Architect in front of it that I can reliably keep at strength 5 with cash.


Its all about dat Ash 2X3ZB9CY and about Caprice Nisei in a scoring remote, we have known this to be the Boss Haas gameplan for a while.

I have said it many times, Breaker Bay Grid is the best HB card ever printed. Everything that helps you win, you get for free.


Hedge Fund and Archived Memories really help you start strong and recover steam in the mid game.

Archived Memories is usually reserved for Caprice and Ash but I have used it for Sandburg


NEXT suite is the workhorse here backed up with some high power friends.

Eli 1.0 is really good I hear

Magnet OMFG high strength magnets are so fun and they protect your NEXT ice from destruction. Its worth nothing even the base effect of Sandburg makes them STR 5!

Turing does work early to help you rush out a corporate sales team.

Architect gets out of mimic range and as we know a single fire of this ice can be a savage power swing in the corp's favor.

Try the deck out, you will be happy that you did.

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21 Jul 2016 SourSweet

Seems like a solid deck!

21 Jul 2016 konradh

So whats the plan against criminala/shaper who after early pressure and poking sits back and wait with all the Councilmen and Political Operatives installed?

21 Jul 2016 Kelfecil

@konradhStrength is too high for more than one run. Which at the same time makes me wonder what you do with only 1 Caprice. I guess you have to rely on them not going for the winning agenda at that point so that you can install your upgrades. have them Councilmaned and then reinstall with Archived or something.

What I am worried about is not only early pressure, but th fact that it runs so little upgrade defenses. I would go with x2 Jackson Howard and -3 Eli 1.0 in order to do another Caprice. Just play another piece of ICE that will benefit from thsi whole ordeal. If anything, Eli 1.0 can be clicked through.

What I don't agree with is Magnet. They are not going to Parasite your NEXT Bronze. They will be parasiting your NEXT Silver which is more likely to die early game due to you not being at more than 20-25 credits. A smart runner will have it set up by then with a datasucker or something up to 2/3 in order to run and burn it down. Sure, Archived Memories saves the day here, but how many things can you protect, rez and install at the same time. You are not that rich in Clicks if you are trying to go for getting money (to pump that strength up) install things, get things back from the trash AND score agendas. Unless you are relying on going super late game.

I love the idea of Sandburg though and I would love to see it work. Would mean we have one more thing to worry about in Glacier builds which is awesome in my opinion. Will make for metas with more variety in runner builds. (Return of Morning Star anyone?)

21 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@konradhThe game plan against those situations is the same as its always been. Against criminal, block off servers to deny sec test, Caprice Nisei on HQ and rez Ash 2X3ZB9CY during your turn so councilman does nothing.

21 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Kelfecil Do you really think the second caprice is worth 3x Eli 1.0?

21 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Kelfecil I am still testing. If I find I need more Caprice Nisei I will make a change, but right now I am not having an issue.

21 Jul 2016 Conphas

@CodeMarvelousI agree with @Kelfecil here. ELi seems anti-synergistic. Strenght 6 ELI? ok, click through. Vanilla or Quicksand would be just as good in that slot I believe, given the Sandburg plan. Even a Batty instead of Caprice if you want to keep that 3rd Jackson would help I believe.

But I havent tried the deck at all yet, so what do I know?

21 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Conphas @Kelfecil I would probably take Wall of Static over Vanilla

21 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Glad to see Sandburg / NEXT being recognized for what it is. Been working on this very sort of deck for over a week now, and the final product is not too far from this (No Caprice, not necessary later on).

You will struggle against efficient / early setup Panchashooter / Stealth, though, so stack those Ice against those builds. However, I've faced so many concedes with this deck, its...



21 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Here's my build, since we made a few different choices:


21 Jul 2016 magikot

I've been playing a similar deck and am loving it so far. Sandburg is going to be the king of glacier. It's working very well in HB, Palana, Blue Sun, and RP so far.

I agree with the above people that Eli, while a great card, once it gets to a really high strength people click through. Which is fine since it means they will only make 1 run a turn, but I'd prefer the wall of static to make the runs as financially taxing as possible. Also, given how rich the deck can be (I've had +11 strength on my ice frequently), I find a surprise Brainstorm can easily reach 7 or 8 strength the turn it's rezzed.

Lastly, I think you still want at least 1 CVS. Anarchs took a hit from the MWL, but they aren't gone and parasite/datasucker/imp are still going to be around.

I'm also testing a version with Full Immersion RecStudio so I only need to build 1 remote instead of two. Executive Boot Camp helps to search them out and helps against the Val match-up. Unfortunately this version means no Caprice which makes me sad.

21 Jul 2016 bracketbot

Man is that gif at the top of your description ever irritating

21 Jul 2016 rojazu

This is where im at with Sandy in HB… meteor.stimhack.com

The main difference are in the ICE composition and in additional tech/money cards.

Firstly ICE: In my opinion you don’t want any ICE that is clickable because that negates the point of having the additional strength. If you do go for bioroids I would go heavier on them and import a Heinlein Grid or two. In my build I have gone for the cheaper Vanillas over Magnet (the conditional ability never really comes into play to justify itself), Rototurrets instead of Turings punishing the face check with a hard ETR making it the best ICE in the deck, and a cheeky Brainstorm because Im not a nice person (its probably better to be a NEXT Gold).

Money: Sandy needs money, a lot of it. Full complement of campaigns + op econ is vital.

Tech: No Ash because its really anti-synergistic with your money plan, you wont want to be paying into a trace in which case its really not taxing enough to work, it’s also a weaker card these days with link runners and hoppers everywhere. EBC because blackmail is prevalent, you can rez all your NEXTs with it to make a GOLD rez worthwhile and you can search for Sandy / Jackson / Campaign with it - a super versatile card. Crisium: Because siphon, apocalypse or polop are really going to ruin your day.

21 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@rogedavi That list looks interesting. I like the econ set up. how is it working?

21 Jul 2016 rojazu

I found having to devote ICE to defending multiple remotes problematic, as the ID is not defensive like Gaga/RP/IG is. Sandy is quite binary - either you have the game locked or you fail miserably. You live and die by the econ.

21 Jul 2016 rojazu

Also ICE placement is quite critical. D4v1d will make a mockery of your servers, so ensure the most important ones are guarded by multi-sub ICE (Silver). These being HQ (to stop polop), Scoring Remote & the Sandy remote. Im tempted to test 2xNavi Grid over Caprice actually for this reason - the nonbo with BBG seems irrelevant given that BBG belongs in econ servers.

21 Jul 2016 skydivingninja

I have a Grail/Sandburg deck I'm working on, glad everyone's seeing how bonkers this asset can get. No one likes dealing with an 8 strength Merlin/NEXT Gold/Whatever XD.

Do you think Biotic Labor would be a good addition since you'll usually have the money to score that final agenda if you need to?

21 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@skydivingninja I want Biotic Labor But dem slots is tight

21 Jul 2016 ClubbingSealCub

From my experience Vanilla is too good to not include in this deck. 0 + ETR? It's tasty.

21 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous


alt text

21 Jul 2016 rojazu

Have been further testing and the inclusion of Batty makes this feel a lot stronger. Use it on roto or Next Gold and against 2/3rds of runners thats GG.

21 Jul 2016 rojazu

Latest build: netrunnerdb.com

22 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

I highly suggest including a Brainstorm.

The satisfaction of emptying their grip and mind... Its... priceless.

Also, you can easily take the risk of -2 Hedge / +2 Restructured. I rarely have a problem firing them at some point.

But I'm a jank player, so why listen to me?

22 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Also, where the **** is your Mother Goddess???

22 Jul 2016 Anzekay

Have you considered trying out Navi Mumbai Grid instead of the Caprice? It will ruin a lot of Shapers' days, and it make D4v1d a non-issue on whatever server you stick it on. Doesn't have the psi-stopping power of Caprice, but it suits Sandberg so very very well.

23 Jul 2016 PureFlight

@Lynx Kuroneko MOTHER OF GODDESS you're right! She becomes hella taxing with Sandburg, making up for her drawback of the runner usually having the right breaker.

23 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

To think this list made Deck of the Week and it doesn't even have Mother Goddess, like mine does. Maybe I should have used an annoying gif, too. :(

23 Jul 2016 magikot

Having your own YouTube channel and being a well recognized name in the community helps too

24 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

@magikot Stating the obvious doesn't. :P

24 Jul 2016 stimmyrobbins

This is complete BS. Lynx has been basically spamming us with Sanburg decks and its obvious that he has dedicated his life to the card and once again Code Marvelous gets the deck list of the week. It seems to me like there is too much bias towards the name rather than the actual deck.

24 Jul 2016 pandaman64

Of COURSE there's bias towards the name. What, people are supposed to be excited about the cards? Yay, another super strong low cost high trash cost asset. Whoopee.

Ain't nobody here for that. They're here for the lonely island gif.

24 Jul 2016 stimmyrobbins

Youre right @pandaman64shame on me.

24 Jul 2016 Conphas

Wait. Am I angry because codemarvelous made a deck? Or because people liked that deck? Or because people find gifs funny? Getting confused. Can't I just be outraged at ISIS? Much less confusing.

24 Jul 2016 pandaman64

@Conphas The deck you're looking for is here: netrunnerdb.com

25 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

@stimmyrobbinsthanks for the vote of confidence but I'm okay with this; its a community standard thing. We can only do our best out in the wild. :)

25 Jul 2016 Cyberzack

@magikotYou can always put the EBC in the scoring remote until you've rezzed up decent chunk of the NEXT. Once the count gets to four or five it's really done the job. If you see a window you can overwrite the EBC and install one into a new remote when the next one comes. I've found in the late mid-game often the EBC get's left alone because the runner has way to many things to do... keeping up with econ to afford accessing the sandburg server and trashing it as well as any breaker-eve's in play... running the scoring remote to keep you honest... They can easily become so taxed on credits and clicks they just can't afford to trash EBC. Definately go with at least one Mother goddess though I think with EBC.

26 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

So @kiv has been doing a great job with this deck on his channel. 3 for 3 wins so far.


26 Jul 2016 SneakdoorMelb

@CyberzackI think EBC is a trap in this kind of deck. If you think about it, all it's actually doing is making you 1 conditional credit a turn (ie for rezzing ICE only), with, yes, the benefit of searching for Sandburg. I don't think the increased vulnerability to Parasite (NEXT's main weakness) is worth it - I'd rather just have more/better ICE.

22 Aug 2016 Cyberzack

@SneakdoorMelbThe reason i threw in EBC wasn't much related to the economy although it's nice - Its about getting all the Next rezzed as quickly as possible so they become less vulnerable to parasite and cutlery. A good dumbleforked player will probably force you to rez some ice early anyway so it's not like your going to be able to deny them a valid target for long.

A huge added benefit is that EBC craps on all blackmail decks, and can be helpful against leela as well.