Clown Hopper

Grimwalker 638

Anyone remember this card? The main engine behind a fun, powerful deck in AGOT 1.0, stuffed with efficient Greyjoy characters and Warship cards, and you would use Val in order to just pop them off the deck in overwhelming numbers. While the "Clown Boat" deck eventually landed on the restricted list, the dream of repeatable play/draw is not forgotten.

So, this is my Sunny Connections deck. Still tinkering with various options.

Mulligan hard for Off-Campus Apartment and then just start popping out friends like a circus car full of clowns.

Get money, install breakers, win. Use The Source to slow down corps--it is incredibly disruptive and if you happen to find one on a Street Peddler, try not to smile. Film Critic keeps both NACH and The Source on the board, and once you get a certain amount of money you just don't have to fear tags.

Still a work in progress, suggestions welcome!

21 Jul 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Aesop's Pawnshop doesn't make much sense to me here. You don't really have anything to sell to it besides spare Off-Campus Apartments, or the odd Councilman you don't need. Calling in Favors seems like it would be a lot better. In general though I think you are going to struggle to get set up early without a lucky Supplier near the top of your deck.

Once you get rolling though, well I've seen how that works out. You could probably cut one copy each of your breakers to slot a few econ events.

21 Jul 2016 Grimwalker

Aesop prevents subsequent copies of unique resources from being dead draws. Put John Masanori on the Supplier, sell the first one, put the second one into play, draw from OCA. Being able to consistently play out the resources you draw into is key to the deck's momentum. Do the same with a spare Kati, Film Critic, or even the Source. You get the cash injection and another draw.

Aesop has been in and out of the deck, as has Calling In Favors. I took out the Events because they have anti-synergy with the Street Peddlers.

You're right, though--you can get kind of a slow start, but Calling In Favors doesn't get good until late game anyway.

21 Jul 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Calling in Favors is an Easy Mark with only 3 connections on the table, and Sure Gamble for free with 4. Past 4 its bonkers. At the rate at which you put out cards I'd think it would become useful right quick, and keep you from losing that momentum.

Using Aesop's Pawnshop to sell off uniques just to reinstall them for a net gain of a draw (and maybe a or two off The Supplier) seems kind of wasteful. You could be using those clicks to apply pressure. In a situation where you've got nothing to install but uniques it makes sense, but I can't imagine that happens too often.

21 Jul 2016 Grimwalker

It's marginal, but it adds up. Street Peddler is still going to be an issue if I replace Aesop with Events.

When I draw into a redundant Connection, I usually still need cards that are in the deck. I can click to overdraw and pitch them, but I'm still using clicks. I can use that click-to-draw as a click to install that'll get me a draw later, plus 2-3. It feels good.

But, in the final analysis, you're probably right. Earlier builds had a lot more redundancy, so I got more mileage out of him. I'll give it a shot.

21 Jul 2016 Grimwalker

Next iteration: -1 each icebreaker +3 Earthrise Hotel -1 Aesop's Pawnshop -1 Sports Hopper +2 Calling in Favors

21 Jul 2016 Grimwalker

Next iteration:

-1 each icebreaker

-1 Aesop

-1 Sports Hopper

+3 Earthrise Hotel

+2 Calling in Favors

21 Jul 2016 Qualistarian

I'm also surprised at the absence of Jak Sinclair. Between Masanori and the Security Nexus, the free run each turn seems like it could be good value.

21 Jul 2016 umchoyka

What, no Oracle May?

21 Jul 2016 Grimwalker

@Qualistarian he has been in the list but slots are tight. I found that I might get a couple of runs off but even a modest amount of ice shut him off. I'm not overly invested in extra Link so Nexus isn't plan A.

@umchoyka not worth an Influence for a card that might wind up costing me a breaker at a bad time.

22 Jul 2016 mafkegel

1 Rachel Beckman would be nice too