!raffle 1st APAC

Whiteblade111 2749

High Skill Gameplay

This is the Freedom list I won APAC with. It went 2-2 in swiss, and won all 3 of its games in the cut.

I lost to Gamenet in round 1 and Earth Station kill in round 2. I consider both games close and extremely winnable. In the gamenet game I drew dead on breakers early which I think hurt me, but it's very possible to win that matchup.

It beat Palana, Asa, CtM, Argus and Argus again.

Broadly the direct is a continuation of the NYC meta "bubble freedom" with some modern updates. It's running the good Reg anarch tools with the additional pressure of Freedom ability + viruses. You're not all in on the virus plan, but instead using them as free centrals pressure while charging the turning wheel.

The deck is kind of a meta call to beat combo decks and FA decks while also having game versus asset spam. Asa and Titan are the decks we "targeted" with this runner pick. I don't know the long term sustainability of this deck as I think a real glacier deck can probably beat this, but more testing is needed.

I want to thank my testing group, Snarebears, for helping me get on this list, and for all the moral support and cheering. The members of the group are (in no order) analyzechris, kysra, skry, groenkaff, thebigunit3000 and osclate.

If you have questions/comments, hit me up on slack @whiteblade111

27 Jul 2020 vesper


Congrats for making the top cut with a non-Criminal. I wonder if you bring it to the Intercontinentals ;-)