Rich Girl Andromeda feat. @Seamus [1st Place GNK]

CodeMarvelous 19736

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This deck had a record of 4 -1

If you have never seen this absurd Gwen Stefani VIDEO I highly recommend you watch it.

Temujin is such a well designed criminal card because it rewards them for running but telegraphs so the corp can armor up. Regardless, it gave criminals back the slots they needed for more tricks.

I have learned that basic criminal netrunner has gotten a power boost, the medium and turning wheel was good but it didn't set the lock up fast enough. The increased return on RD runs from temujin makes you able to set up a shaper like lock while still threatening any remote.

Solid breakers such as clippy and gordian and mongoose, play careful and stay stone faced when Gordian gets trashed so you can win before they install more enigmas lol.

This is old school criminal engine dialed up to eleven. We may not be running data sucker but the money added to successful runs is nuts.

TIP: if they have open servers don't temujin a central you want to run. Instead security test and temujin something they will never trash and get 7 credits at the start of every turn. Its amazing and if they dedicate ice to it, that's good for you.

Derived from @Jackmade and thank you @Seamus for the testing help!

29 Aug 2016 Seamus

Congrats man.

29 Aug 2016 tiedyedvortex

Only two Career Fairs? If you're running 3x Daily Casts, Earthrise Hotel, and Temujin I think the third one would provide enough value to be useable.

Also, your full permanent rig of Gordian + Paperclip + 2x Mongoose is only 4 MU, and with a Desperado you have an unused MU. I feel like there's probably a program you could put in that slot.

29 Aug 2016 CodeMarvelous

@tiedyedvortex both good suggestions, the problem is slots, I have no slots for the extra Career Fair I want. As far as extra programs the only thing i can think of is a Crescentus which you want two of, which again comes back to slots.

29 Aug 2016 krystman

I like it. Still seems a bit money-rich but I'm guessing that's kinda the idea. Why two Employee Strike ?

29 Aug 2016 Seamus

My thoughts on the above -

I think two Career Fair is fine. Even with all these resources you sometimes do have it without a target which is annoying. Three would likely also be good but slots are always limited so I think two is the right number.

Re programs and MU, I've grabbed a Femme and am trying Medium on advice from a number of people which is feeling good against NBN (I.E., 90% of the field). I think Crescentus is a bit fiddly for this style but I have slotted an Emergency Shutdown for Tollbooth.

Re money, I honestly don't think you can have too much right now. It's so important against NBN and really helpful against IG too. Employee Strike is amazing against both IG and CTM. I've dropped it to upgrade to Medium and you really feel its absence in the IG games.

29 Aug 2016 CodeMarvelous

@krystman Employee Strike gives CTM the sads, you drop it and trash three things. If they don't score, you trash everything else. Also, it makes my money advantage even worse against ETF, NEH, SYNC, and just about every corp.

29 Aug 2016 Seamus

Yeah. It's still nice against ETF and Palana although less crucial and will make the occasional Blue Suns you see very sad.

29 Aug 2016 DoomRat

I think Femme Fatale would be a good candidate for the last memory (maybe drop the faerie). Temujin decks have mountains of cash to pay for it and helps a lot against ice that'd be pretty irritating otherwise (tollbooth, data raven, etc).

29 Aug 2016 CodeMarvelous

@DoomRatI agree, during and after the tournament I was left with a desire for femme.

29 Aug 2016 arahknxs

I'm loving this list, a couple of questions: no hopper or plascrete makes me nervous? I understand the crash spaces are to help with HHN but against any other tag and bag aren't they just gonna get trashed? And do you feel the need for both polop and councilman? Cheers!

29 Aug 2016 CodeMarvelous

@arahknxs don't get midseasoned and you are fine. Crash space saves you from HHN and if they sea source trash trash. Clear the tag next turn and carry on.

29 Aug 2016 Orbital Tangent

I think that 1x Networking is better than the two Crash Space as a HHN counter. Less of a tempo hit. Plus, that gets you down to 45. It could get sniped by random damage, but if you find room for Same Old Thing, that can recur it plus any other event you could want.

29 Aug 2016 inniscor

Second the above. Networking is also amazing with Siphon.

30 Aug 2016 Smashman

Is there a plan against 24/7 BN? Lack of Hopper surprised me greatly.

30 Aug 2016 Oziride

agree with the mass... Networking is gold and better then Crash Space, even because it can be used against SYNC: Everything, Everywhere

30 Aug 2016 RubbishyUsername

I'm more interested in the lack of Rebirth. Becoming Leela seems like an excellent solution to FA strategies and Silhouette is good against PE. I'm sure you've thought about it, and the limiting factor seems to be influence, but there's some power there so I'd like to hear your reasoning.

30 Aug 2016 Dkarpoj

I have a very similar deck using gabe and it performs really well. Against tightly played glacier it suffers as it is not easy to get contract credits. Hence purple can make this deck stall mid to late game. I originally put in a data dealer to fight ctm gfi eoi plays (sell the gfi), but i found that this also helps this build sustain against glacier. It might be unconventional and hurts times win in tourny but it makes this deck super strong

30 Aug 2016 CodeMarvelous

``@Dkarpoj`thats a good idea as a one of. Data Dealer

30 Aug 2016 Seamus

@RubbishyUsername I don't think Rebirth is as high-impact as other 1-influence options in Criminal. Both Dan and I had been running it for a while. Don't know if he has thoughts on this following dropping it.

If you can change into Leela early against NBN then that's great but I found that in many games I was drawing it mid or late and there was no particularly powerful use for it. Additionally, the link on Andy is really really valuable at the moment.

30 Aug 2016 sigma83

@Seamus What about Iain? 1 link and Econ.

30 Aug 2016 Cristoflanga

If people are having trouble against HB, a one-of Hernando Cortez can be a great solution too. If you get it during the mid-game, when you start to force substantial rezzes, they will have to waste all of their campaign money on Fairchild 2.0, Sherlock, Ichi, Eli, basically all of their good ice. This will make them be more careful about rezzes, which is good for tem├╝jin, and you will also feel like the economy war slowly leverages in your favor. It also has the added bonus of making Hive unplayable, for what is worth. Also it has cool synergy with Emergency Shutdown and Crescentus. I've been pleasantly surprised by that card in my Leela, and it is of course even better if you have Hostage.

31 Aug 2016 Seamus

@sigma83 He's not terrible but we're now talking about a card slot and an influence point that only may be useful depending on when it's drawn. Obviously that's true to a greater or lesser degree of almost every card but on balance I don't think Rebirth sets the world alight in Criminal.

That being said, it's not a terrible choice for a card and an influence. I just don't think it's the best one right now.

6 Sep 2016 BobAloVskI

@CodeMarvelousLate comment I know...I noticed you got rid of the Sneakdoor Betas from the original list. Did the psych of making them ICE HQ (because you're criminal) and archives (because of Sneakdoor Beta) and not R&D as much (the server you are really interested in attacking) not work out? Or was it just because of deck spaces that Sneakdoor Beta was removed?