Smoke Test 0.6.1 Hayley

Grimwalker 638


In computer programming and software testing, smoke testing (also confidence testing, sanity testing) is preliminary testing to reveal simple failures severe enough to (for example) reject a prospective software release.

Depending on your source, the term originated from plumbing, where pressurized smoke makes leaky pipes easy to spot, or alternatively, from building an electronic device and turning it on the first time to see if it catches fire.

This is an Escalation-legal iteration of my Smoke deck that I put together to check for obvious errors. I took it to a GNK and it dropped exactly one game, where the corp moneyed up first turn and Biotic'd a turn two ABT that flipped a Turing, Architect on HQ, and Fairchild 2.0 on R&D, then Foxfire scraped $7 off of me as soon as I had Net Mercur on the board. If that's what it takes to have a bad day it just possibly might not be the worst deck ever.

The basic idea is simple: Temüjin Contract, Patron, and Net Mercur are fantastic together. I have always loathed Quality Time, because there's nothing like bloating your grip with five cards and being down the three credits you'd need to play any of them. I'd much rather draw two cards and profit $4-5 while I'm at it. Mid or late game, or if they just ice up your Temüjin server, be prepared for it to be less of an income card and more of a "this run is just inconvenient rather than ruinously expensive." Kati Jones is the fall back plan for income in that situation.

Stealth can kick down the door to almost any server. So, I opted for a control strategy that stifles their ability to score out, using The Source (in concert with Film Critic, like you do.) Which plays well with NACH, keeping off almost any source of tags that isn't CtM, and if CtM's only ability to tag you is their ID ability, you're still doing okay.

In this build, I'm a little strapped for influence because Blackstone is not out yet, but in the Smoke version I'm running an additional copy of The Source using the two that currently pay for a Corroder. This iteration feels a bit clunky--having 40 cards makes it much easier to burn through the deck and go to work.