Smoke Injection

Pinkwarrior 2294

A fast setup Smoke deck that's been doing really well for me so far it's abit of a Kate deck I've been playing but with some upgrades.

I know what your thinking why only 1 stealth breaker and the only real reason is slots. If I take more stealth breakers i need to also take more support for them and I already can't keep the deck to 40. Dagger is a great cheap in faction breaker that save's me influence since as a Shaper were pretty good for barrier breakers and codegates this seemed like the best choice of stealth breaker.

Net Mercur is basically a Desperado that can be used for draw and you don't even have to get in to get it and we all know how good that is so it's a no brainier.

Magnum Opus gives me endless cash and since I only need stealth for 1 breaker been tagged isn't so bad. The main target for the first Test Run & Scavenge combo the other been Torch. Codegates seems to be getting rather big atm and torch deals with them easily.

Inject is an amazing draw and with the Shaper tools means you can get em back (though keep in mind Ark lockdown is a card) Scavenge for the test run combo but also is handy for Cerberus "Lady" H1 and can be used with Paperclip as another Clone Chip

Employee Strike an essential card for the deck not just to screw with certain Corp ID's but also for getting rid of Cerebral Static since this can cripple you if theirs no spare Net Mercur credits.