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aleph_c 624

This is the list I wanted to play at Worlds. I would have been much happier if I could have played this at Worlds. (At least, that's what I'm going to tell myself.)

There is nothing exciting here. It's just the current state of my deck after a year of iterating on stealth lists.

What I've learned tinkering with the deck:

  • Paperclip was nice, but we're installing it from the stack, not the heap, and paying the extra 2 credits and 1 influence wasn't worth it.
  • Houdini was underwhelming. It wasn't particularly bad, but it was never particularly good.
  • You still have to pretend to have Clot. Often enough, you have to actually have it.
  • I used to have a mix of Ghost Runner and Net Mercur. Ghost Runner was an Infiltration far too often, and I was often wishing for a Net Mercur. Out went the ghosts, in went a third Net Mercur.
  • "Freedom Through Equality" and Indexing are requisite for dealing with the BS that is GFI.
  • Mirror's ability doesn't do as much as I initially hoped, but it's still pretty solid. Mainly. the extra memory smooths out Clot threats and holding SMCs so much that I'm sticking with it.
  • You want to get better value out of Temüjins 2 and 3, so sometimes you need to call Kati.


  • With people giving real attention to corps that aren't yellow, there are a lot of things to tech for and not a lot of slots. Employee Strike hits a lot of corps a little. Also, there are some annoying corp currents out there.
  • I always want Beth. She doesn't do quite enough to warrant any more dead draws, so I don't put another copy in. But I always want to see Beth.
  • I would put in another copy of The Turning Wheel, replacing an R&DI. Maybe even replacing both to get a slot. It's cheaper, and has basically unfair synergy with Indexing, Temüjin, and Net Mercur,
  • Yes, 3 Cloaks. I want to find 1 fast and 2 eventually, and I don't want to burn an SMC for them.