Trashy Maxx -- 1st @ 2 Store Champs 4-2

aDumbBrick 675

Trash Everything

(But mostly just your own cards)

As with my corp the theme here is really fast setup & pressure. Your main win condition is having a pile of money and breakers. Additionally Stimplants gives you a consistent way to multiacess both RnD & HQ without relying on your inefficient breakers to get in too often. Generally according JNet games I end Having made ~2x Credits and drawn ~1.5x Cards per click of the game. Normally you never need to click for cards or credits.

Card Choices


Just trash everything! Use this every turn, Chances are if you don't need a card now you can just get it later. This card (along with other choices) demands lots of draw to keep it good. Use Clone Chip on your opponents turn to get more value and trash more cards. Seriously though, I'll never get tired of the phrase "gamble for 6"

Severnius Stim Implant

Keep Trashing stuff. Generally you don't want to use this unless you have a great window or have already setup your economy. While this deck has enough draw that you can often play 3 draw events and then do a huge run, Border Control will wreck your day if you trash too much. Try to go for trashing 4 or 6 cards at a time, and make sure to be checking HQ and RnD

Labor Rights

You know what is great when you have trashed everything, putting the best cards 3 back and drawing them back again. Try not to Levy before getting back some Liberated Account or what ever piece you need.


You know what you need when your hand is empty when you've trashed everything. MORE CARDS TO TRASH! Since anarch doesn't have enough draw I'm using the next best draw event.


One of the few cards you don't want to trash. Remember though you can trash MKUltra to make stimhack cost 2 less (and be able to install a breaker you might have been missing)

Clone Chip

Sometimes you trashed something but you want it back, This does that for some things

Same Old Thing

Sometimes you trashed some other thing and you want it back, this does it for most others


In all seriousness though the speed with which this deck is able to completely attack remotes and centrals is my favorite fact about it. You have so much money and draw that the only thing that matters is where you want to focus your attention. I love playing it and it has all of the tools that I need to never feel like I didn't stand a chance in a game.

If the 47 cards bother you the flex is 1x Chisel 1x Labor Rights 1x Hacktivist Meeting 1x Dirty Laundry 1x "Freedom Through Equality" 1x Liberated Account 1x Political Operative

Don't take out the Diesel for something sensible like Falsified Credentials it is a good card and very important if you want to trash everything.

15 Apr 2019 Alpha

This is a monster of a deck, and I think I may have only beaten it once in the many, many times I've played it. Congrats on the double SC wins!

15 Apr 2019 adquen

I have played something similar a long time ago, before Patchwork was a thing. It was great fun, but with terrible eco. I can totally see Patchwork solving this problem and making this deck sing.