Dumblefork - 4th place Bristol SC

TR1S 625

As I wrote in my write-up for the corp deck, Bristol was an excellent tournament. Super high quality players, and a lovely bunch of people outside of rounds. I have had a great time here in the UK and can feel my play improving. I am making better decisions in close match-ups and playing more thoughtfully in general. While Dumbles didn't do as well on the day as CTM did, I can clearly identify the mistakes I made that led to those losses. The deck is, shockingly, still good.

Well this is forkward...

Why did I ever stop playing Dumblefork? Oh yes, because the MWL came and gave it a huge kick in the teeth before CTM then came along and demanded that all runners always have laughable amounts of credits at all times. With fewer CTM decks in the meta, Dumblefork is getting stronger and seemed like a solid meta call.

This deck is the epitome of Anarch: have fewer resources than you really need, run like a psycho anyway, and then try and figure something out when it all goes horribly wrong. It's basically the Captain Jack of runner decks, back when he was still endearing and novel.

I have one weird addition to this deck, which is that it runs a single copy of Rumor Mill. I think you can sacrifice a bit of efficiency because shouty cat is good and I wasn't willing to cut anything else. Caprice and Batty can be an enormous pain to deal with and with a lot of HB players now splashing for Batty in the UK, it seemed like a very useful card in a few match-ups I played. It also helped me a bunch against a CI7 player who forgot it was on the table and tried to pop a Jackson.

Tournament Performance

The deck went 3-2 in the Swiss and 0-1, losing to Astrobiotics (which thematically scored out the astro on turn 3), Batty HB (Which fired a miraculous ABT that spat out a Fairchild and Fairchild 3.0 with no Jackson on the table - Such approval :'), and Chris' CTM. These were hard games, but I don't feel like any of them were unwinnable in hindsight. Better play and a meta that turns away from CTM can definitely make this a much stronger deck in future. And I don't think Şifr hurts either.

The wins it scored came against CI7, Nisei Division, and Prison Potatoes.


Şifr will definitely go into the deck. While I am a bit worried about the tempo hit of a 5 cost console, it is probably worth the extra two credits.

Also I should definitely have slotted Vamadeva.

such good

many deva


Obviously, any and all suggestions are welcome :)