Big For Your Boots (1st Place Uncle's Bellvue SC Undefeated)

podoboyz99 2331

Dek is Gud.

Posting for referance. Played the original Culemann (@shmeguy) list at a SC, small showing, but none of the games were close. I played vs Hate Bear Val, CT Mopus, and standard Dumble.

Tournament was on 2/18/17. This was plaque number 2 for me, unfortunate there were only 7 people, runner deck is here

3 Mar 2017 clercqie

Did you kill Dumble? Or scored out?

3 Mar 2017 podoboyz99

@clercqie Flatline, I got 2 Bio Ethics RFG'd by slums, but I was able to kill all his stuff by recurring voters. I scored behind a Chiyashi and a DNA Tracker, he faceplanted that when I got on 5 points, then the last Bio Ethics killed him

3 Mar 2017 checkthebox

The endless voter intimidation psi-game still haunt my dreams.

24 Apr 2017 AberDamo4

How do we update this list for the new MWL? We've only got to find 3 influence to remove - is there a way to make it work?

24 Apr 2017 AberDamo4

Any ideas @podoboyz99?