The Queen in Green

CodeMarvelous 19749

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Long Live the Queen!

This is the updated version of my Internet Famous build


Mad Dash is good with indexing. It also helps you close the game more quickly against asset spam and prison which are her worst matchups.

Aaron Marrón solves your Breaking news and incidental tag problems alot better than the two New Angeles City Hall I had before. Also adds draw to speed setup.

Went to 3x Net Mercur to speed set up and to guarantee I see it.

2x Scrubber help me deal with must trash assets and upgrades

Feedback Filter is for the very bad PU matchup. Mulligan for it.

28 Mar 2017 Conduit23

Maybe Net Shield over Feedback Filter since you can SMC for it in The Dire Matchup, or can't spare the MU?

28 Mar 2017 CodeMarvelous

maybe @Conduit23

28 Mar 2017 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

thx man, i appreciate it - gonna add Net Shield as 41st card i think. I think the third Net Mercur really becomes crucial now that MCA Informant is released...

28 Mar 2017 Zankoku

@1337J4NK5P4MM3RNet Mercur is not a connection. Beth and Aaron are, though...

29 Mar 2017

I am pretty disappointed by Smoke. Think she is just not Tier 1. Unable to counter what is currently played. She's is too slow, she is notoriously broke. Find myself clicking for credits too much. I think the deck has too many moving parts. You need enough stealth credits for your breakers, you need Temüjin Contract for money, Scrubber vs asset spam. Even with scrubber usually it's not enough $$$ to counter that many assets. It takes generally half of your deck to be set up and be able to counter what the corp has prepared for you and usually that's too late. Don't think there's enough time to focus on both, assets and indexing runs. Huge problem if your indexing doesn't hit any agendas, especially with something like Door to Door out. Just focussing on R&D doesn't work either as the corp will just get too rich and lock you out with to Sandburg. Playing Apocalypse doesn't work either unfortunately as your rig is just too pricy :-) Nevertheless I think this build is pretty close to what is currently possible with Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net.

30 Mar 2017 dasher

Would Slums be worth considering instead of Scrubbers?

30 Mar 2017 clercqie

No because you need money first and foremost to be able to use Slums well.

30 Mar 2017 5N00P1

Seeing the amount of Friends in High Places I'm not sure I would agree. Otherwise you need to trash things over and over. But this depends on the amount of Salsette Slums in play I assume.

30 Mar 2017 dasher

@5N00P1 Yep, that was my rationale as well

30 Mar 2017 CodeMarvelous

if you want to watch the rolling changes as I test here you go.

13 Apr 2017 Cyberzack

@CodeMarvelousdo you think this is still worth playing post mwl3? Would you go to 2x Temüjin Contract or go to Dagger ? or potentially Blackstone + Net-Ready Eyes ? Your older version has served me well at a gnk before, and i've got a S.C. in three days! With Rumor Mill on tier 3 MWL I'm expecting a lot of glacier so i think smoke might be great. Also, got any suggestions about how to tune this more for glacier?