Foodcoats new meta (1st Leuven, Belgium SC - MWL 1.2)

clercqie 303

With the new MWL, Glacier is back and Friends in High Places should be the main card to watch out for. This is a fairly standard HB list, but I only played 1 Caprice. Caprice is obviously fantastic and can defend the remote and the econ inside on her own. However, that usually means that the Runner only goes through the remote to steal agendas. I don't like letting games to be decided on PSI games, so I've instead included 3 NAPD Contracts and went to 3 Ash. This allows me to play this deck as a rush deck that can go slow if needed, instead of full glacier. I've played in a field of mostly durdle Runners, so this proved to be succesful. Also, Crisium is fantastic at stopping threats such as Indexing, Keyhole or Siphon.

10 people attended, 4 rounds of Swiss into a top 4 single elimination cut, due to time constraints. Played against Nexus Andy (win), Dyper Kate (win), Criminal Adam (win), PVP Kate (win) and Nexus Andy again (win), thus going undefeated.

Thanks to Miek and the Ghent crew for useful discussion.